Silk and satin cravats for weddings are excellent

Silk and satin cravats for weddings are excellent

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Cravat or the ‘Croat” was a bastard name that the French reign of Louis XIV gave this scarf. Infact the invention of the cravat should be contributed to the Croatian soldiers who were enlisted in the Croatian regiment.

Oscar Wilde couldn’t have said it better with; “A well-knotted cravat is the first serious step in a man’s life.”

This is a scarf that speaks of sophistication and elegance and most often when you envision a man wearing it, a reflection is that of a man with authority and respect. The styles of cravats however have changed and evolved drastically over the years for instance the ties have become longer while the colour and designs are only getting better. Interesting ways to tie this scarf have also been introduced. Infact Jesse Langsdorf who worked in the textiles industry in America ended up cutting the cravat into three different pieces and this bought about the tie. Wearing cravats is fashionable but you still need to make sure you are following the right direction depending on the occasion and the time of the day.

Wedding Cravats: Many men still prefer wearing this scarf on their wedding day. After all which man wouldn’t want this day to be perfect. And if it is your wedding you will obviously want to look your best and stand out among the rest. With a cravat you definitely will be putting your best foot forward. Usually cravats for weddings are plain since you would like to match it with your wedding theme colour. Silk and satin cravats for weddings are excellent since they look even more sophisticated.

Silk Cravats: The silk cravats are excellent if you are looking for an opulent style to wear out on an occasion. You can wear them for weddings, parties, anniversaries etc. You can either choose ones that are made of pure silk or a mixture of silk with any other material. You can even choose from a wide array of designs. The small checked designs and striped designs are usually among the favourites.

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Day Cravats: Day or casual cravats as the name suggests can be worn on casual occasions. You could infact choose to wear it everyday if you are someone who loves to dress up even for a walk in the park. Paisley designs are among the favourites for these casual cravats and you can also experiment with various different style of tying your cravat.

Cravats speak of elegance, and choosing a righty styled cravat for an occasion is always simple

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