Who To Invite To Your Wedding

Do you know who you are going to invite to your wedding?

That is a good question. Technically it is your wedding and you should be able to include, or exclude anyone you want, right? Well yes, technically, but weddings are like big social parties and you are the host. Many people want invitations and many people in your lives fall under the category of mandatory invitations. Usually immediate family members are invited. If you invite the majority of one group, like aunts and uncles, you really should invite them all.

Your wedding is your big day, and you really should be as happy as possible on that day, do not forget that. However, remember that you want to keep the peace leading up to your wedding and after the occasion is over. This is why we invite people we might not want to spend time with usually; keeping the peace within a family is important especially when you are starting a new life with the one you love.

But how do you decide who to invite? How do you narrow down your choices? Here are some ideas:

Start by making a list. Write down a huge list of everyone you could possibly invite. This way you will have a number of maximum guests. Do not forget to include everyone your fiancé could invite! This massive list should include everyone either of you may want to invite, or who may want an invitation. Don't worry if the list is way too long, you are going to cut the list down to who you absolutely want to invite and who you need to invite.

You may need help creating these lists. Make sure to get help from your fiancé and both of the families. Your fiancé will have to answer the same questions and list everyone who may be invited. He should also break them into groups. Your families may have requests on people to invite, friends of the family or business associates. Take everything into consideration in order to know who to invite.

Now that you know everyone you could possibly invite break your list into groups. Groups can be dividing into sections like cousins, second cousins, aunt and uncles, friends of the family, colleagues, etc. Now that you have all your lists separated decide if there are any groups you want to exclude completely. Do you want to exclude all second cousins or all children from your wedding? Maybe you only want to invite children over a certain age or children in the wedding party. Once you look at all the possible guests in list form it is easier to see who you want there and who doesn't really warrant an invitation.

The colleague question. Decide whether or not you are inviting colleagues. If so, how many? Are you inviting many or all or just a few which you are especially close to? This is something that you may want to decide soon. When your engagement is announced people may wonder whether or not they are invited. If you decide against it you can certainly explain that you can only afford so many guests and family has first priority.

If your list is still too big think of other ways to cut it. Analyze the people left on the list. Are there people who you barely talk to? How about people who you may have once been close to but now you barely talk to them. Sure, maybe once you thought they would see you getting married, but that was years ago. Maybe these are the people you should be cutting from the list.

Pam Kazmierczak is the owner of Wedding Planning 101, a website dedicated to assisting engaged couples with all their wedding planning needs. Wedding Planning can seem difficult or daunting but it does not need to be with this free resource of information at your disposal.

Beach Wedding Favors That Really Sparkle

Planning a beach wedding allows you to take advantage of the best season of the year. Summer, with her sublime beauty and long, lingering days that stretch into glorious twilights, is the perfect time for weddings. Plan your wedding to include as much of Summer's beauty as you can. Even selecting the perfect beach wedding favors for your guests is important! The wedding favors should offer the guests a glimpse back at the luxuries of summer with her lush and warmth.

Who wouldn't love to have a beach wedding with the waves crashing the shore and the sand between your toes! Beach wedding favors should treat your guests to a day that is hard to forget. Weddings at the beach are laid back and inspiring. Summer says sea and sand and weddings.

Be a dreamer and plan your beach wedding to be relaxing and romantic. Set the mood for your guests. Use all of summer's beauty and emphasize the sand and the ocean. Make every detail of your beach wedding radiate joy and peace.

Beach-themed wedding favors can be useful and practical. But the favors can also be magic because they can bring back the joyful memories of summer with her bounty of stunning gifts. The useful summer favors can help lift spirits in the dead of winter and that is spreading joy across the seasons.

You can incorporate your summer wedding theme into your favors. Many designs indicate colorful images of summertime and can be detailed on various items. Sea shells on candles and beach chairs on picture frames are popular items. Flip flop designs are part of summer and bring to mind the fun on the beach at the lake or the ocean. Candy favors shaped like shells and sea creatures will sweetly remind your guest of summer's joys and your wedding day.

Since the wedding favors are little "thank you for being here" gifts from you to the guests, take some time to choose them and make sure the guests will feel appreciated for being part of your day. This is a more important task in the wedding planning than you might think. Make them fun favors that are good for all ages. It is the thought that is important in the selection, not how much you spend. Select favors that will help your guests to remember a special vacation or good times that made them happy and relaxed. Let that be the message of your wedding favors.

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Professional Wedding Photographers

When it comes time to arrange a wedding, a couple should give serious consideration to the services of one of many professional wedding photographers. Wedding memories are meant to last a lifetime and it is a single day to be cherished and appreciated by the blessed couple for many years to come. The couple will want perfect wedding pictures that they can review and enjoy, and the one sure fire way to get perfect wedding photographs is by hiring one of several professional wedding photographers.

Seeking out professional wedding photographers is indeed a task. A lot of effort should be put into the act of choosing the professional wedding photographer that a couple will work with. Professional wedding photographers have different ranges of experience, different ways of taking photographs, and every photographer has a unique personality. The couple seeking the skills of professional wedding photographers will need to assess the photographer's communication skills, review the photographer's portfolio, and determine if the photographer is capable of meeting the couple's demand.

Some wedding photographers provide their information on websites. Along with contact information, the photographers may provide client testimonials, information about wedding photo packages too. If the photographer supplies wedding photo samples or access to their professional wedding photo portfolio online, it's advised that the couple view the portfolio together to see if they both appreciate the images, the lighting, the poses, the colouring, and the highlighted moments within the photos offered for viewing. If both the future bride and groom are not in agreement, it may be necessary to review the portfolios of other professional wedding photographers in order to find a good photographer for the job.

Looking at and reviewing the photographer's portfolio is a must for every couple. A couple can determine what kind of poses that they like, and can then clearly define what they want when they have their wedding photographs taken. Professional images of the couple together, images of the bride alone, images of the groom alone, photos of the bridal party, and photos of the marriage rite and reception all must be taken with the greatest of care. The moment's that occur in a wedding cannot be relived or repeated, so the photographs must be captured perfectly the first time. This is why it is so incredibly important that a couple hire professional wedding photographers with a vast amount of experience.

The skills of the professional wedding photographers define how the photos will turn out. True professional wedding photographers know what poses make for gorgeous wedding photos. When a photographer takes photos at the right moment, they are capturing that moment and encapsulating it in a photograph; the photographer is essentially freezing time in a sense, so that the memory can be brought back to life in full living colour, days or even years later. The moment the bride walks down the aisle, the moment the bride and groom exchange vows, the minute the wedding rings are exchanged, when the groom kisses the bride: every minute is special and should be correctly captured in photos that contain the right angle and the appropriate lighting. Photographic composition is just as important as capturing the highlights of a wedding. Therefore, couples should look into the professional background of the photographer they are considering, and should request client referrals to speak with others that have worked with the photographer in the past. Couples might also want to review customer testimonials as well.

The wedding photographer selected by a couple should be professional, amiable, sociable, and able to communicate concisely and with great ease. A couple should always remember that the selected wedding photographer will not merely be taking photos of the wedding, but he or she will be interacting closely with guests. The photographer must be able to elicit the right atmosphere so that all photos are absolutely gorgeous when they are finally printed. Good communication skills come in handy when it comes to talking about cost factors too; a photographer should clearly and concisely indicate what kinds of wedding photographer packages are offered and how much such packages cost. Questions that the couple have about photographs should be readily addressed.

Couples can wisely decide on a wedding photographer by spending a good deal of time questioning different photographers about pricing, techniques, packages, guarantees, and special pricing. Getting price quotes from several photographers and a list of offerings makes the selection of a wedding photographer a simpler endeavour overall. The couple needs to bear in mind however that they should not draw to close to compromising the quality of wedding photos for a convenient costing wedding photos package. The wedding and all of the highlights therein cannot be relived or repeated. This is why it is critical that the right photographer is chosen for the job the very first time a photographer is hired to take wedding photos.

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Tips for a Green Wedding

Of the number of women who are getting engaged and married today, 45% are using the environmentally friendly method of tying the knot. This has been reported as the results of a survey conducted online by a 2009 Internet survey conducted by David's Bridal. Not exactly a statistic yet, the latest in trends is expected to continue and caterers, florists, Djs, honeymoon vacation spots and drivers as well as the wedding planner are becoming more green aware.

When one considers there are approximately 2.5 million nuptials exchanged each year, the current trend is that a small amount are going green by the evidence of the trash from one single wedding. The green wedding have at least one thing in common when it comes to conserving the earth's resources and that is the reduction of trash.

Green - Why for Weddings?

The dream wedding can produce about 200 tons of CO2 per wedding and even the simplest wedding will produce about 110 tons.

Green wedding are considered to be an omen of the way the bride and groom will live later. This also has an effect on the guests at the wedding as well as the family members. Everyone there will have more of an understanding of how to accomplish going green. This can be a great wedding subject of the guest and set the example for how to go green at home thus preserving and respecting the wonder of nature all around us.

The best way of saving money at a wedding is to plan a green wedding. The engagement ring and the wedding ring do not have to be brand new. Heirloom diamonds passed down through the family will work. Checking at your local thrift store or an estate sale can allow the couple to exchange old fashioned rings during their wedding. There are many rings that are gorgeous that can be purchased this way and save you a good deal of money.

At what point do you begin to plan a green wedding?

Those who are fashion conscious and money savvy as well as those conscious of going green will allow the leftovers from their wedding to be donated to shelters for battered and abused women and children. They will plant trees as a tribute to the wedding, their new found relatives and the guests who have come to enjoy their special day. Instead of gifts they ask that the wedding guests make a contribution to their favorite charity in honor of their wedding.

Use garden flowers and wildflowers as the wedding décor and for the bouquets.

Just as you were taught when you were a child, if you go camping or anywhere else you go, leave the area as if you have never been there, the green wedding is the same as a clean wedding. The celebration should not leave tell-tale signs of your celebration for others to clean up. From the engagement to the honeymoon clean should be the motto.

The wedding invitations do not have to be made of paper. There are websites, for instance evite.com, theknot.com and weddingwindow.com that are online invitations created and sent as well.

Green wedding gifts:

* Have no "blood diamonds".
* Decrease their carbon footprint when the wedding is over.
* Can be helpful donations to various causes as a remembrance of their wedding.
* Are not as luxurious as others.
* Are more energy efficient.

In general those who choose green nuptials and honeymoons will be showing that they respect the environment and they will have less expense than others across the nation.

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Pick a Beach Wedding Dress

You have decided to have a gorgeous wedding on the beach. Beach wedding dresses are usually made of lighter material. The more casual bridal gown still delivers images of class and style. Most often women looking for a beach wedding gown make sure that the hemline doesn't got all the way to the sand. Beach wedding dresses are not just for the skinny brides. Bigger brides can look just as beautiful in their beach wedding dress.

The key in picking your beach wedding gown is to pick a dress that matches your figure. It is important for everyone to look their best on their special day. Finding a dress that compliments your specific body type and figure is the key to looking gorgeous. A good plus size dress should flatten your curves instead of making them look bigger. Handling your curves is the key to plus size beach wedding gowns.

Look for a dress that fits well and doesn't dig into your skin. The high quality beach wedding gowns should be soft to the touch, with no itchiness. Beach wedding gowns should be made of breathable materials to keep your dress soaking up sweat. The breathable materials will keep your gown staying white all day long. This will keep your dress flowing and beautiful through the ceremony and reception.

A-line dresses make for the best plus size gowns. A full skirt dress should be avoided. Always look for a dress that will flatter your figure.

A high quality beach wedding dress is formed with lightweight, flowing materials. Stay away from heavy or cumbersome gowns. Popular materials are linen, silk, lace, gauze, rayon, or light cotton.

Sarongs are now becoming the rage for beach weddings. Wear a one piece, for a strapless mini gown style, or use as a skirt with matching halter top. Search online for the best prices for bridal dress shops.

The top styles for beach wedding dress are strapless or spaghetti strap gowns. It is typically hotter for beach weddings and this important to take into account when picking your dress. Remember to always pick a dress the matches your figure. Lacy sleeves are a great option for people who have larger arms.

Beach weddings are starting to become exceptionally popular. You now can have a high end and stylish wedding dress for your beach wedding. Search online for the latest styles to match your figure.

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Gothic Wedding Dresses

There was certainly a time when a bride who was not wearing the expected white floor length wedding gown was stared at not with wonder or admiration, but by guests who were appalled that she could break away from tradition so easily. We are much luckier these days because many brides exercise their freedom to wear what they want to wear, not what others expect of them. They show their own uniqueness and their independent natures which makes them happier, more radiant brides than ever before.

Thankfully today brides wear all kinds of wedding dresses. Gothic wedding dresses are just one unique type of gown you will see at a modern wedding. Today brides wear short wedding dress, colored wedding dresses or white wedding dress with color, informal wedding gowns, and beach wedding dresses, Celtic, medieval, pagan or other wedding gowns to celebrate heritage or religious choices and freedoms.

So what does a gothic wedding dress mean exactly? Well, even though certain images may come to mind it all depends on who is thinking about it really. There is no one gothic design that all brides who choose to go a little (or a lot) gothic in their ceremony choose over every other design and idea out there. What gothic wedding dress the bride chooses is really up to her idea of what she wants to look like on her wedding day. Many brides choose to wear darker colored gowns like deep reds, purples, blues and greens. It really helps if they gowns have intricate design features, like decorative beading, and a corset top looks especially nice.

Of course there are brides who want a more gothic feel to their ceremony but do not want to stray from white and like colors. There are plenty of gothic wedding dresses that are white; they are just of a specific style. For instance Celtic and medieval gowns are most certainly gothic in nature. They tend to be stark white or ivory, but the style screams gothic beauty. They use design elements like tie corsets, long billowing sleeves and floor length gowns.

Many brides who choose to think outside the box for their gown also do so for the rest of their ceremony and reception. If you choose a gothic wedding dress you might want to carry that theme throughout the rest of the day. Many brides who choose a gothic theme also integrate the Celtic or medieval aspects into their ceremony and reception. One way to do this is to get married in a castle like setting (or to decorate it so it appears to be one). Be imaginative in how you want to do this, but a castle screams medieval wedding along with a fairytale wedding. What woman does not want to be part of a romantic fairytale?

Pam Kazmierczak runs Wedding Planning 101, a wedding ideas website. Go to her website for wedding ideas and free articles, or to learn more about planning your wedding today. If you enjoyed this article read more about gothic wedding dressestoday.

Silk Hydrangeas for Wedding Bouquets and Arrangements

It is summer wedding season. Brides all over the world have been planning their weddings. Choosing your color pallet and flowers for your arrangements and bouquets is one of the top tasks on your list of things to do.

The use of silk and artificial flowers is a growing trend. The use of silk and artificial flowers is an eco friendly and economical choice. Today, I would like to focus on the use of silk hydrangeas in wedding bouquets and arrangements.

Silk hydrangeas come in every color of the rainbow. There are several types of silk hydrangea flowers. Because there is such a variety, you can choose the type of flowers suited to your style and choice of other mixed silk flowers. These silk hydrangeas will last for years to come and can be saved as the original bouquet or flower arrangement or they can be reused in a new design.

There versatile silk mop head hydrangeas have beautiful round symmetrical blossoms. They can be used in the bridal and brides maid bouquets or in the flower arrangements used in the ceremony and reception areas. By using the silk hydrangeas, you never have worry about whether or not your chosen colors will be available during the time of your wedding. You will know exactly how many you have to design with and the blossoms will remain beautiful no matter what the weather .The mop head silk hydrangeas come in various sizes. You can use a variety of sizes in the same color or vary the size and color. These silk hydrangeas can be mixed or stand alone for a stunning look.

Another creative use for silk hydrangeas is to incorporate them into the wedding cake design. It adds color, continues your floral scheme and will not be toxic to those consuming your delicious wedding cake.

For truly elegant bouquets, you can use a mix of lace cap silk hydrangea with some silk or artificial real touch roses. The lace cap silk hydrangea adds a delicate touch to you bouquet. You can even mix the lace cap and mop head silk hydrangeas to add texture to your silk bridal bouquets.

There are a couple of other hydrangeas to consider for your floral arrangements and bouquets. The Panicle or cone shape silk hydrangea stand tall and really can fill out a floral arrangement. They can also be added to a bouquet mixed with other traditional tall stem silk flowers.

To add to greenery interest in the bouquets and wedding arrangements, it is really nice to use the Oak Leaf silk hydrangea. The silk oak shape leaves will add beauty and help fill up your floral designs. The Oak Leaf silk hydrangeas tend to have smaller cone shape flowers and really stand out with their dark green silk oak shape leaves.

Silk hydrangeas are also great for use in wedding or home garlands. By mixing these silk flowers with silk ivy and other silk greenery selections, you can create a beautiful realistic garland that can be reused or given as gifts to your friends.

I could go on and on about the use of these beautiful silk hydrangeas, but I will save my thoughts for another time. I’ll be sharing more thoughts on the use of silk and artificial uses soon.

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Choosing Limousines for Wedding Celebration

Choosing Limousines for Wedding Celebration

By: Allison Walsh

Limousines are considered as an important need for every wedding celebration. Luxury limousines do a great job in adding style, charm, and royal feeling in a wedding. That is the reason behind great craze of limousine rentals for wedding celebrations. In fact, a major portion of limo rentals customers come to book luxury and comfortable limousines for wedding celebrations only. Wedding celebrations contribute a major part of revenue for limo rentals service providers.

Why Limousines in Wedding Celebration

Wedding is one of the most important events of someone's life. People, who are getting married, want to make it most extravagant episode of their life. A limousine does the perfect job in this respect. The bride and groom both want to arrive at the wedding venue with style in a luxury limousine. Nowadays it has almost become a tradition. Limousines are also used to drive guests from their hotels to the wedding venue and back to the hotel after wedding is over.

What Type of Limousines Are Ideal For Wedding

There are different variants of limousines. Not all are suitable for wedding purposes. There are specific requirements, and to serve these special requirements, limo rental services providers keep specialized vehicles in their fleet. To bring bride and groom to the wedding venue, The Chrysler 300C Limousine is the best. Its classic look combined with modern elements of design and technology makes this car very safe, attractive, and ideal for wedding ceremonies.

However, to ferry your guests from their hotel to wedding venue you need a comparatively bigger limousine that can accommodate more people. SUV Stretch limo or H2 Hummer Stretch limo will be ideal for this purpose. Both are stylish, secure, and will reflect your prosperity in front of your guests in best manners. If you have planned to go to some other location for wedding party then limo buses will also serve your requirement of ferrying guests to party location.

Booking Limousines for Wedding Celebration

It is advisable to book a limousine for your wedding purpose in advance. Idea of booking a limousine on last minute is not a good idea. You may not get your preferred vehicle at last moment. On advance booking of limousines, you can get some attractive offers. Therefore, make your decisions properly in advance to get the most out of it, and experience the magic created by presence of limousines in your wedding celebrations.

Author Resource:-> S & L Limo and Buses takes pride in delivering safe, polite and trustworthy transportation that consistently exceeds customer expectations in New York. For details and reservations, visit: http://www.sllimoandbuses.com More on that at Choosing Limousines for Wedding Celebration

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Popular Colors for a Spring Wedding Bridesmaid Dress

Popular Colors for a Spring Wedding Bridesmaid Dress

By: Allison Walsh

Spring is a season of new life and new beginnings so it is only natural for spring and weddings to go hand in hand. While the bride will most likely be looking her best in the traditional white dress, her bridesmaids can wear the hottest colors of the season. To find out which are the most popular colors for a spring wedding bridesmaid dress, one only has to look to nature to see what is in bloom.

Sea and Sky

Gone are those overcast winter days that hid the beauty of both sea and sky. Brides who favor these shades of blue will be happy to discover this cool hue is especially popular for spring weddings. Horizon is an excellent choice for the bride who wants her wedding party to make her stand out, much like the fluffy white clouds traveling across a clear sky.

A water-loving bride will find her options as vast as the sea itself. To capture the drama of the ocean at night, the deep shades of Midnight or Marine are sure to delight. Perhaps mythical creatures of the deep are what have caught the imagination of the bride. A strapless chiffon gown with a ruched waist in Mermaid or Oasis will do the trick.

Fruit and Flowers

The vibrant colors of spring life in full bloom are also popular choices for bridesmaid dresses. With its deep jewel tones, a gown in the color Apple is the perfect choice for the bride wanting her bridesmaids to make a bold statement in this rich shade of red. An equally beautiful choice for the bride looking for the drama of a dark shade without the red would be a dark shade of pink known as Watermelon.

Perhaps you would like to have your bridesmaids dressed in something bright and lively to set the party atmosphere for your reception. Tangerine is the perfect shade of orange for any bride seeking a statement. Dressing your bridesmaids in a juicy shade of plum is sure to flatter any skin tone while still setting the mood.

If you desire the natural beauty of floral hues in more areas than just the bouquets, you will be happy to know that the full range of spring’s blooms is popular and available. Maybe you would like to highlight the greenery in your décor by dressing your bridesmaids in the muted shade of Clover. Whether the bridal party features blonds, brunettes, redheads or mixture of them all, this is one shade of green that will not fall flat.

If you are not a fan of green it is not much of a problem. In either Wild Orchid or Rose Petal pink, your bridesmaids will look like they have been freshly picked from the garden.

Pretty in Purple

Fans of purple will be pleased to discover that it is one of the hottest colors for the spring season. It does not matter which shades you prefer because all of them are considered trendy. Light or dark, deep or bright, you can take your pick.

For instance, if the bride wants a bright hue of this very royal color, Regency is a perfect choice. On the other hand, Lilac is a natural choice for anyone looking for just the faintest hint of color.

Natural Browns

Of course, not every bride wants her bridesmaids to feature all the colors of the rainbow. Again, if this is the case, there are many other options. Finding the perfect color for their dresses may be as easy as looking at your favorite morning drink.

That’s right, coffee shades are all the rage this spring. Creamy Latte is a great choice for the bride looking for just a hint of warmth to her bridal party attire while Espresso colored-dresses are every bit as deep and rich as the drink. Are you having difficulty choosing between these two great shades? Why not meet in the middle and compromise on Truffle? Though it may not be a kind of coffee, Truffle is a creamy shade of brown with just enough depth and warmth to compliment any wedding.

Neutral Favorites

If something even more neutral is what you crave, perhaps dresses in Champagne or Ivory will fit the bill. Gold and silver may typically be thought of as accent colors, but either can hold their own quite nicely. Are you looking for a bolder and more dramatic selection for your bridesmaid dresses? A bridal party dressed in either black or white makes it clear that you do not bend to the old wedding traditions. No matter what colors you end up selecting, the most important thing to remember is that there are enough bridesmaid dress styles in every color to make sure your bridesmaids look amazing for your spring wedding.

Author Resource:-> Lisa Parker is a freelance writer who writes about weddings, often focusing on a specific aspect of weddings such asbridesmaid dresses. Check out more on Popular Colors for a Spring Wedding Bridesmaid Dress

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Silk Bouquets for Your Wedding Day

Silk Bouquets for Your Wedding Day

By: Jenny Cook

Ones marriage is definitely one of the biggest days of ones life. There are memories of a wedding that lasts forever. It is important to make the day special

so that whenever you would reminisce about it you and your partner will be filled with pleasant wedding memories. There are so many things that go into

making a wedding a success. Couples and their parents make a great deal of planning in advance to make sure that everything is just perfect. There are so

many things to be done for the wedding and so many people to talk with to get the things done. Arrangements for accommodation, silk bouquets, food, dresses,

gifts and so many other things together make a wedding truly memorable. But often people neglect an important aspect of wedding- the floral decorations.

Wedding flowers are included in every ritual of marriage. There are two main reasons for this. First, they are beautiful and fresh to look at and they add

the charm to any marriage ceremony. Second, it is symbolically celebrating nature and expecting the marriage to as pure and perfect as nature. Give time to

learn about the various flower options that are available for the wedding. Flowers are used to decorate the church, the reception hall, the dining space and

the vehicle that is to carry the married couple. Then there are the bunchy of flowers that the bridesmaid and the bride carry. The marriage bouquet too is

important symbolically. With so much demand for flowers on the marriage day it is vital to get the flower decorations in order before the event.

Most people fail to see beyond roses. Though roses are undoubtedly the most beautiful flower in the world, you should not be restricted to them only for your

wedding decorations. A classic lily bouquet too looks wonderful in the hand of the bride. The best part is that you do not have to follow traditions in your

wedding decorations. You can go for your favorite flowers even if they are not the most appreciated ones. You can have seasonal blooms and local varieties to

add that bit more to the floral decoration son your marriage. Most people cannot imagine marriage photos without flowers. Most guests will talk about your

floral theme and decorations. So prepare well in advance. It is always better to give the responsibility to people who are wedding experts. Explore this

wedding florist and ask for professional help from the best florist available online.

They can help you choose from a variety of flowers and decoration options that suits your style and finances. You can go for a Boutonniere, which is a single

bloom or bud or a bunch of buds attached to the left lapel of the jacket. They are worn by the groom, friends, attendants, ushers and the groom’s male

relatives like his father and brother. A Corsage is a similar structure but arranged with a lace and decorated by ribbons. They are available in hand held

patterns and the mothers and the elderly women in the family wear them. Orchids and gardenias are the popular flowers for a Corsage. You can also try other

styles like Dais, Candelabra, Garland, Ikebana, Topiary etc.

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Tips on Choosing Wedding Caterers


Tips on Choosing Wedding Caterers

By: John Phillips

If you are planning about your wedding, it is best that you have all what you need in advance. And because the catering services will be your largest expense on your wedding, it is a good idea to choose the wedding caterers that you will hire. Normally, caterers can be booked in advance. You can book them months or even years before your wedding. To ensure that you will have a catering service on your wedding, you can contact some caterers and know what they offer.

Before you choosing the wedding caterers to hire, you must consider several things. You must know the type of caterer that you will hire. Also, you should consider the reception, because there are some places that might be a good idea to be a reception but will not allow a caterer that is outsider. But, there are also places that allow other caterers. So it is important to know this, and you must also know if the reception you will take has a catering service. If it does, then it would be wise to hire their service.

It is important to know what the catering service of the reception offer. It is also important to know what other catering service offer. This way you will be able to choose which one you will hire.

You must ask caterers about what they can offer to your wedding. This is important especially if you want to hire outside wedding caterers. With this, you will be able to compare which one to choose and which one offers the best deal.

There are several questions that you can ask to the caterers. You should ask the cost per guest for the seated receptions. Ask them about the cost for the buffet. Also ask them about the time they will need to set up the reception. If you think that there will be many kids in the reception, you should ask the caterers if they have a menu for children.

As you know in planning a wedding, the catering services are most likely the largest expense that you will have. You can tell to the wedding caterers that you want a buffet on your reception. This is a good thing that you must consider if you want to save money. This is because buffet will not need any waiters reducing your expense for them. And if you really want to save money, then you must consider not to have an open bar the gives alcoholic drinks because it will only add expense to your wedding budget.

All in all, if you want to make sure that you will have wedding caterers on your wedding reception, you must have them booked in advance. You must be sure that you get the best caterers that will offer you great foods and drinks. You must also consider the cost of what they offer especially if you are in a tight budget. If you have chosen the best caterer for your wedding, you will be sure that all of the guests that came to your wedding will remember your special day.

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