Wedding Photography For That Precious Ceremony

Wedding Photography For That Precious Ceremony

By: Matthew Stanton

When a man and a woman decide to merge as a whole, it is surely wedding time already! The ceremony of wedding is not only sacred it is also a precious moment. It is only imperative thus not to fail in capturing that lovely event, perhaps once in a lifetime, in photos because you and your partner are bound to share all your lives together.

Let us have a talk first about the significance of wedding photos. The wedding ceremony is the first day, and may very well be the last, of the marriage of you and your spouse. It is actually the first day you are being together as a married couple. The photos of you on this day are of course very important since it is certainly a day to cherish on later. Besides, we have to admit that a wedding is always a perfect event for your family members and friends to gather and it is quite impossible to invite all your friends and family members because everyone is very busy working nowadays. As a result, it is important to take photos of your guests because it is really a rare occasion for some of them to meet you in person and share with you time during your special day and your would-be spouse.

But do you really think wedding photos are important in your wedding? I bet you will think they are extremely important! You are right at this point that the wedding photos are very important in your wedding. Because of that you will need to take the time to do some research when you are choosing your wedding photographer.

You have been spending months on your wedding planning, if you do not have wedding planner that is, and you would like to make your wedding the most memorable and unique one in the world. To this end it is really important for you to capture all the happy moments in your wedding. And the way to capture all these enjoyable moments is through wedding photography. It should be understood that it is important to choose a good wedding photographer. It is in the photographers hands which will determine all the lovely wedding moments are captured rightly and well. This is why the job of the photographer is of utmost important at this stage.

If you are still looking for your wedding photographer, you should try to choose a really experienced one. The photographer should have experiences in taking wedding photos and big events like wedding. You should check the portfolio of the photographer in order to get more information of his previous projects. You have to bear in mind that no matter how attractive the offer by the photographer is, you should not hire him for the sake of just getting discount and bonus offers. The quality of your photos should be what is on the priority list. Now, that is not saying that you should try to look for bargains and discounts after you found the perfect photographer.

The photographers style is also an essential thing you need to consider. You should try to learn the style of the photographer. Again you will need to take a look at his portfolio. You should make sure that you love the style of the photographer. The choice here is very personal and you can make your own decision merely by your taste and preference.

To surely capture all the happy moments in your wedding, do not let that only the wedding photographer should take the photos. You also have to encourage your guests to take some photos in your wedding. Although your guests may not be professional photographers, they may be able to take some interesting photos in your wedding. It is a nice way of looking at things if you treat these photos as supplements to the photos that your photographer takes.

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Easy Ways To Reduce The Cost of a Wedding

Easy Ways To Reduce The Cost of a Wedding

By: David Dunlap

Unless you are incredibly wealthy, when the time comes to get married you will find yourself asking the question: How much is this going to cost? Unfortunately, the days of the bride's family paying for the wedding are mostly over. As men and women are waiting until they are older to get married, the financial responsibility of the wedding has shifted from their parents to themselves. The following is a description of approximately how much the average wedding costs and what the expenses are. Keep in mind that this is an average amount, which means that you can certainly spend a great deal more, or less, depending on your income and your tastes.

Would you believe that the average wedding spends about eight hundred dollars on flowers? It shouldn't be all that surprising, as flowers add to the beauty and sentiment of your wedding. However, they are one area that you can trim your budget on, if you want to try something creative. You can find these creative suggestions online or in any bridal magazine. Just keep in mind, doing it yourself requires time and patience, two things that can be in short supply while planning your wedding.

Photography also takes a significant portion of your budget, and depending on what you choose to do you can find yourself spending anywhere from nine hundred to twenty five hundred dollars. When all is said and done, your photographs will be all that you have when your wedding is over, and you want them to be the best that they can be. Don't cut corners on the photography expense, as you may live to regret it.

Your average set of invitations, announcements and thank you notes can set you back around five hundred dollars. If you are looking to trim your budget this is an ideal place to save money. If you have a friend who has neat handwriting, consider asking him/her to address your invitations for you. It will also cost less if you choose a simple invitation compared to a more formal one.

Music is essential to every wedding as it sets the mood and provides the entertainment. You can expect to spend about $1500 on the music for your wedding. The officiant and the ceremony site will cost around $400, and transportation to the site, $450. You will want to buy your attendants gifts for their support and help, and the average cost for these gifts is about $400. A set of wedding bands averages out to $500, the rehearsal dinner around $1000. The reception can run anywhere from $5000 to $8000. The wedding dress purchase and the tuxedo rental will come to around $1500. No one ever said getting married was inexpensive!!! The average total cost of a wedding comes to around $25,000. Do keep in mind that this is just an average, you can still have a fantastic wedding for a fraction of that cost if you are savvy and do some things yourself.

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The Secret to Great Wedding Deals

The Secret to Great Wedding Deals

By: David Dunlap

As anyone involved in wedding planning today knows, the overall cost of an average wedding is around $19,000 and often much higher. Of that amount, the largest amount of money for a wedding is usually spent on the wedding reception.

What if we could find ways to reduce just this expenditure alone? How much money would that free up to use on other things or to save for the future?

Clearly it would make a big difference, but where do you start? If you are a wedding planner, how can you reduce this expense without sacrificing certain things that are important to the bride and groom?

The secret? NEGOTIATE!!

I know, I know. Some of you may be cringing and some may be running for the door. But, in all seriousness, this is one of the most important "tools" of professional wedding planners. It is through relationships and negotiating that professionals are able to get significant discounts on decorations, flowers, food, etc.

The key to successful negotiating is to start with the proper wedding mindset and realize that everything is negotiable. You must put emotions aside and approach each interaction with vendors from a business setting. This will help prevent you from going over budget, protect yourself in the event of a service agreement being broken, and help you get exactly what you want for your reception.

Others keys to successful negotiations include:

1)Do your homework -
Know your price points and don't simply go with the first deal you see

2)Check with referrals -
Credible, experienced vendors will be more willing to negotiate, especially if you have done your homework

3)Test your vendors -
Put them in a "what-if" situation and see how they respond, especially if something were to go wrong

4)Book vendors and locations early -
The earlier you book, the more willing vendors may be to negotiate

5)Make volume purchases -
If you can buy certain things like candles or centerpieces in bulk, you can often get a much better deal. This alone can save you hundreds of dollars, especially if you are doing everything yourself

There are many other strategies and tactics that can be used to successfully negotiate with wedding vendors. Just remember to not be afraid to ask for what you want and know how much you are willing to spend.

Author Resource:-> Affordable Dream Weddings is a site dedicated to helping couples have their dream wedding without breaking the bank in the process. To sign up for a free wedding planning e-course, visit

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Preparing a Wedding Toast to Remember

Preparing a Wedding Toast to Remember

By: Sandra Stammberger

Standing in front of friends and relatives speaking your wedding toast can be a nerve-wrenching experience. You worry that you will stammer and stutter, or worse get so nervous that everyone will be able to hear the shakiness in your voice. Preparation is the key to relieving yourself of some of this nervousness. As far as what you say, that is a bit trickier. In a mixed crowd (namely one that includes your parents and in-laws), you know that your wedding toast needs to meet a certain standard. There are no rules to follow to create a memorable wedding toast, but as long as your wedding toast includes humor, sentiment, and is an enjoyable length and pace, it will go over well with your guests.

All Jokes Aside
It's true that humor can break the ice and help you to feel more at ease about presenting your wedding toast, however, don't just throw out jokes. Is there a story about you and your significant other that has a humorous ending? These go over much better than what you might find in a joke book. If you decide to tell a personal story, check with your significant other to make sure it is acceptable. One thing that can definitely ruin a wedding toast is the look of embarrassment or anger on your mate's face.

Tell Them How You Feel
Showing public sentiment is typically more difficult for men. So just by adding a bit of emotion to a wedding toast will go over well for the groom. You don't have to make it very deep. Just a few words that show your guests how you feel about your mate are sufficient. Mystery is a good element to couple with emotion when giving your toast. By hinting at something that is only known to you and your mate also makes the toast romantic.

Keep it Moving
You know how you're talking to someone and you have the urge to finish their statements for them because they take the round about way to say something? Don't do this with your wedding toast. This is the fastest way to lose your guests and to slow down the reception. It is a good idea to practice your toast several times. Memorize it if that helps.

Keep it Short
A wedding toast is a speech, but a SHORT one. You don't want to put people to sleep or worse, have people leaving the ceremony. Practice the toast beforehand and make sure that it is no longer than a few minutes.

Author Resource:-> S. Stammberger is the owner of Great

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A Non-Traditional Wedding

A Non-Traditional Wedding

By: Bonnie Ray

Traditional? Not you. That's why you're searching for some non-traditional ideas for your upcoming wedding. With a little ingenuity and some silk wedding flowers, you can have the non-traditional wedding of your dreams.

If you've never been big on wedding bouquets, how about having your bridesmaids and maid-of-honor carry small handbags that are covered in silk flowers! Each attendant can wear a different color and they can carry a handbag personalized just for them. Get your glue gun out and attach the silk flower heads to the individual purses to match the color and style of the gowns. This rainbow of colors will be eye-catching and help to ensure a bright beginning for you and your groom!

If you're planning on having little girls in your wedding, but don't like the idea of the "flower girl", you can make a floral garland for them to carry. Simply cover birch vines with silk flowers that match or complement the flowers that the bridesmaids and maid-of-honor are carrying and let your two or three young attendants carry the garland in tandem. This will not only look adorable (get ready for the oohs and ahhs) but it is also a clever way of keeping the girls together.

As the bride, if you don't want to carry a traditional cascading bridal bouquet, or even a hand-tied bridal bouquet, consider getting married while holding a hoop made of vine and strung with various silk flowers. The hoop is carried like a tambourine.

Another option is the pomander, a Styrofoam ball that is covered in lace or tulle. Silk flower heads are attached and the lightweight floral pomander simply hangs from the wrist.

If you've lost someone special to you, such as a grandmother or even your mother, consider carrying something of theirs, such as their prayer book, garnished with their favorite flowers. This would be a lovely way to pay tribute to this missing guest.

In lieu of corsages, floral bracelets can be fashioned like small garlands with silk wedding flowers woven in. These not only would look lovely, but they would also give your wedding yet another non-traditional flavor.

If your wedding is in the autumn, how about decorating with pumpkins and wheat rather than the traditional floral arrangements? Christmas weddings can include strands of lights and lots of pine and holly. Beautiful glass ornaments can be included not only in the arrangements, but also in the bouquets. Reception guests can each receive a lovely ornament as a favor. The date can be inscribed on the ornaments as a reminder of this special day. Decorated boxwood Christmas "trees" would look stunning as centerpieces at each table.

Summer weddings can be lush with silk wedding flowers. Floral halos can be crafted for the young girls in the wedding. Beach themed d├ęcor can add a festive and fun touch to the wedding and reception. In place of flowers, your young attendants can carry small wind chimes that will add peaceful chiming to the day.

If you want non-traditional, you have to start thinking outside of the box. Once outside of the box, the sky's the limit!

Author Resource:-> Bonnie Goodwin Ray has more than sixteen years experience in the wedding industry. She is the author of Wedding Planning Made Easier and has become a leading expert in silk wedding floral design.

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Top Ten Money Saving Wedding Tips

1. Plan your wedding ceremony and reception in the morning, on a Friday or Sunday night and consider the winter months for all these times and dates will be less expensive.

2. Try to keep your guest list minimal.

3. Make your own veil. You'll find that most craft stores sell how-to books and even supplies on designing your own veil, which can save you hundreds of dollars.

4. Shop online for your wedding dress. Go to a nearby bridal shop and try on dresses so you know they fit, and once you find some you like, search for them online, you'll most likely find them, and for much less.

5. Supply your own alcohol for the wedding if you can, you'll be sure to save.

6. Opt to not have a dinner reception. Choose to have a brunch, cocktail or dessert party instead.

7. Use silk flowers. Silk flowers are beautiful, look real, and are always less than real flowers. Better yet, you can even rent them.

8. When decorating, use more greenery and baby's breath, with fewer flowers to cut costs but still make the setting look fulfilled.

9. Create your own invitations. You can easily create a design with use of a computer and software programs available for this task, as well as purchasing your own wedding desktop publishing paper.

10. Consider using local universities qualified but inexpensive musicians, photographers, and videographers. Professors can point you in the right direction to finding the best students in the program.

Author Resource:- Nathan Dawson writes for and, great online sources for marriage and finance information.

How to Choose your Wedding Invitations

Planning a wedding is a great deal of fun, but it also requires a significant amount of planning. Once you have set your date, one of the first wedding details you should turn your attention toward is the selection of your wedding invitations. While at one time traditional wedding invitations appeared only as white or ivory with engraved black in, today there are numerous options available for the modern bride. Due to the wide variety of designs and styles in wedding invitations available, you'll want to get started early in choosing the perfect wedding invitation.

There are numerous factors that will affect your choice of wedding invitation. The first question you should ask yourself is whether you are planning to have a formal, semi-formal or casual wedding ceremony because the type of ceremony you plan will impact your choice of invitations.

Regardless of whether you choose formal, semi-formal or casual invitation, generally, wedding invitations include the invitation itself as well as a reception card, response card, separate envelope for the response card, detailed information on accommodations for guests and riving directions and important telephone numbers.

Be aware that while there are literally thousands of styles and designs of invitations available for the choosing, there are only six basic types of invitations. These include:

Thermo graphed
Handed colored
Box set

Engraved invitations are the most classic and traditional choice of invitations available. They are also the most expensive type of invitations on the market; however, if you are planning a very formal wedding, engraved invitations are an absolute must. Keep in mind that you should order your engraved invitations no less than 8 weeks from the date of your wedding, preferably farther in advance.

Thermo graphed invitations provide an affordable alternative to engraved invitations. The end result is a very elegant look and while thermo graphed invitations might not be appropriate for a very formal wedding, they would work well for a semi-formal wedding. Plan on ordering these invitations at least six weeks in advance.

Printed invitations are one of the most popular choices on the market and are very cost efficient. You can find a wide variety of printed invitations available through most stationary and printer vendors as well as on-line wedding invitations vendors. While the turn around time for printed invitations is typically better than engraved or thermographed options, you should still plan on ordering your printed invitations at least 4-6 weeks in advance. Printed invitations are appropriate for semi-formal and casual weddings.

One option in printed invitations that is definitely gaining favor is the alternative of purchasing 'blank' invitations from printed stationary retailers and then printing your own information. This gives you the option of choosing the design you want and saving a few dollars by handling the printing on your own.

Calligraphed invitations are very elegant and work well for weddings with an old fashioned theme. They can be very expensive; however, due to the amount of time and effort involved in producing them. When deciding on whether to choose calligraphy invitations remember that you need to allow extra time for preparation, plan on additional cost and keep in mind that this type of invitation may smudge if it comes in contact with even a slight amount of moisture. Calligraphy invitations are appropriate for all types of weddings except very formal events.

Hand made invitations are gaining in popularity not only because they are cost efficient but because they add a nice personal touch to a very special occasion. There are numerous options for creating hand made invitations and basically the sky is the limit with choices. Just remember to plan on making additional invitations in case of mistakes and allow plenty of time, especially during this hectic time of your life. Handmade invitations are appropriate for most weddings except very formal events. Handmade invitations can also be easily generated with desktop publishing programs and attractive stationary.

Box set invitations are available at most stationary retailers and can provide an quick and easy alternative to other types of invitations. This type of invitation can also be easily dressed up for a unique and personal touch.

Regardless of which type of invitation you ultimately choose, do be sure to allow plenty of time for printing and an additional two weeks for mailing. Also, consider interesting and unique ways you add a personal touch to your wedding invitations, such as unique wording and verses

Author Resource:- For more wedding invitations articles visit Nick's Discount wedding invitations website.

Wedding Planning Made Simple

With all the stress that can accompany wedding planning, it's a wonder that so many couples decide to even have a ceremony. A significant amount of trouble that many people experience when planning their wedding is staying within a set budget, if they have one at all. Many people will hire a wedding planner, someone skilled at making sure wedding ceremonies go without a hitch. Hiring such a professional doesn't come by cheap. Although many people consider wedding planning a daunting experience, by focusing on a few important issues related to your wedding you will be able to enjoy a less stressful time preparing for your special ceremony.

You're probably wondering how you can focus on only a few aspects of your wedding ceremony. After all, the entire ceremony is special, right? While it is true that all aspects of a wedding are important, by focusing on those tasks that involve the most stress you can save time and ease your mind. By tending to the following wedding planning tasks no later than six months before your wedding date, you can avoid some of the stress associated with planning a wedding.

Keeping All Eyes on You
It's a daydream of most young girls-what they will wear on their wedding day. Bridal gowns are a huge market and you will undoubtedly spend a considerable amount of time selecting the right dress for your special day. Many women already have some idea of the style of dress they want to wear. This can make things easier for you. If you have no idea what you want to wear, you will need to start shopping as early as possible. Before you hit the bridal stores, it's a good idea to get a feel for the styles that interest you. You can start by flipping through bridal magazines, browsing the Internet, or attending bridal shows. When you actually visit a bridal store you will be able to tell the sales clerk what interests you. You can select your shoes and accessories the same way.

Performing Paper Detail
Wedding couples often wait to the last minute to consider wedding stationary such as invitations, thank you cards, and name cards. Your wedding day is a special day and your wedding stationary gives people a glimpse into what they can expect when they attend your wedding ceremony. You will need to have your guest list written so that you can have an idea of the amount of stationary you will need to order. As a rule, you should order 25 extra invitations and envelopes just in case you later decide to invite more guests.

Homemade stationary is becoming more popular. You can save money going this route. There are plenty of software programs available to make designing customized invitations a snap. You will probably have to provide the paper. Invest in the best quality paper that you can afford so that the ink from your printer doesn't run. You can send invitations to your wedding three months before the wedding date. If you are inviting out-of-town guests, you should send your invitations at least six months in advance of the wedding date so that your guests will have adequate time to make travel arrangements.

Planning the Spread
Food is a big deal at weddings. Catering is a booming business and can be costly, depending the number of guests and the type of meal you want. If you are planning a wedding during the spring and winter months you will need to take care of catering arrangements early since these are popular times that people plan to have a wedding ceremony and your choices for catering companies may become limited. You should take time to review the people on your guest list and determine if you will need to order special meals. Are any guests on a special diet for health reasons? Any vegetarians? Low-carb dieters? A good variety of foods is always a good idea. Try to find a caterer who is highly recommended.

Once you have these tasks completed, you can continue with the other tasks on your wedding planning list. You can find tips about other wedding planning tasks at

Best Wedding Jewelry

So your not one of those fabulous actresses or models who has the luxury of the finest gems and diamonds being loaned to them by the likes of Harry Wintson. No matter, you can add a little sparkle and look extra-ordinaire in your gown on your wedding day. Here’s some helpful tips on how to shine on your most important day!

If you are lucky enough to have heirloom jewelry to wear on your wedding day and the choices are simple. You can wear what you were given however if you haven't been given an entire set of jewelry you will need to find matches to complete the set. Since you're heirloom jewelry is most likely antique the best place to look for matches is in an antique store.

Before buying wedding jewelry, it is best to consider the theme of your wedding. If you are incorporating a beach theme into your special day, then beach wedding jewelry is an appropriate choice. If your wedding is more formal, then your wedding colors should dictate the type of bridal jewelry that you should purchase.

Your Wedding Day Jewelry

To add an extra bit of style and pizzaz on your wedding day, consider getting some wedding day jewelry. This can involve anything from a tiara or necklace for the bride, to new cufflinks for the groom. If you are concerned about costs, given the nature of wedding day jewelry you can likely get away with high quality costume jewelry. After all, you could spend a lot of money on a new tiara and never really find the right opportunity to wear it again.

Leaving apart the stylish element, the more experienced generation also feels that we should not surrender our traditions with the passage of time. They further feel that the color “Red” has deep-rooted significance for a bride and it cannot be substituted for any other color.

Consider alternatives.

Some adventurous couples are opting for wedding rings that will never be lost, being the tattooed wedding ring. This may be the choice for those with occupations where they use their hands a lot, such as doctors or mechanics. Tattooed wedding rings are generally less expensive although they will require an occasional touch-up.

Pearl earrings are now available in so many amazing styles whether made from purely pearls or mixed with other gemstones. But knowing the basic styles will help you in your choice. First on the list are the studs normally made with a post and a lock to secure the earrings. Then there are the dangles that flow from the bottom of the ears and which come in various lengths.

The bride's parents may choose to give the bride her pearl bridal jewelry as a gift. Otherwise, the bride may choose to buy pearls as a gift to herself if she doesn't borrow them from a relative. Pearls are actually affordable and don't cost as much as other semi precious and precious stones. The good thing is that pearl bridal jewelry may also be purchased gently used and still look brand new. Auction sites on the Internet and other sites sell pearls that are beautiful and affordable.

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Your Wedding: Preparing for your big day

If you ask most Women what the biggest and most important day in her adult life has been, chances are, very close to the top of that list would be her Wedding day. A wedding day is truly every woman's dream day where she is able to look like a Princess, be treated like a Queen, and be joined in Holy Matrimony with her Prince Charming, center stage, in front of all of her loved ones. The amount of planning, time, and money that goes into creating such a celebratory situation can sometimes be overwhelming and over the top - when one is planning her day as a Princess, perfection is crucial! So naturally, aside from decorations and catering, every Woman will want to look her absolute best for her Wedding Day!

From Dress sizing to Makeup, looking her best for her Wedding and Engagement photos is going to be a prime concern for every Woman. Being able to bring those gorgeous Wedding photos out later in life and re-live that enchanting day down to the very last detail may mean everything to her someday! In all honesty, no Woman wants to look back on her Wedding photos and regret that she had more than the standard one chin, and batwings (the oh so charming jiggly bit of flesh under one's arms). Oh, the horror! Hair and makeup can be blamed on the era, but one's weight and physique, unfortunately, cannot.

A solution to quelling and curbing those pre Wedding jiggles and jitters is to make changes now, so that you're at your best for the big day. To start, modifying one's diet to include healthy portions of proteins, complex carbohydrates, and vegetables is paramount. The more colorful your plate is - with natural, not artificial colors! - is a good way to keep track of the nutrients that you're consuming. Vegetables should be in ½ to 1 cup servings, three times a day. At least half of your grains should be unprocessed and whole. Servings of lean meat should be around 2 oz, which is about the size of a deck of cards. Certainly a big change from that Big Mac, huh?! Unless you're currently on a 100% fast food diet, it's generally recommended to make these Wedding Diet changes gradually (modifying portions, introducing new foods - sometimes entire new food groups!), to avoid stomach upsets. Generally speaking, a good guideline to follow would be to fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables, 1/4 of your plate whole grains and the remaining 1/4 lean protein.

In combination with modifying your Diet (and the one that will produce the most results in conjunction with eating healthily), is to begin a regular exercise program. Finding a personal trainer is a great way to do this - not only do you have the extra accountability of having the trainer there to coach you, but it's a great way to know that the exercises you're doing are correct and more of a benefit for your body!

Zach Hunt is a Spokane's preparing for your wedding day expert, personal trainer and owner of Physzique, a fitness coaching service in Spokane, WA. Go here: Personal Trainer Spokane for more fitness tips.