Fabulous Wedding Colors For 2009

What's your favorite wedding color choice? Is it one of the hot trends for wedding colors in 2009? Let's take a look at what the experts say is hot for 2009!

In both 2007 and 2008, brides tended to select soft greens and white, lilac and even Black and white. So popular were these colors in fact, you may well find them leading the way in 2009 wedding colors as well. You will also likely see brighter colors begin to emerge as well.

Fashion experts agree that there will be an influx of bright colors, leaning toward the exotic. While you certainly wouldn't want to go overboard, a bride that wants to strut her style with her 2009 wedding colors will want to make a bold splash of color if she wants to keep in with the current style trends.

How, you may be wondering, can you add this splash of bold color without going overboard? One thing you will want to definitely do is to keep the primary areas traditional. This includes keeping the bridal gown classic. Bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen clothing should be color coordinated as well. From there, you can make a statement with the flower arrangements, table centerpieces and the trim on the cake.

Tropical colors that feature bright yellows and turquoise will likely be popular, and when mixed with a tropical wedding theme can be quite a beautiful site to behold. Favor boxes can be decorated with ribbons of blue and yellow along with place settings that are color coordinated will give off the illusion of the tropics.

You'll also likely see orange color schemes making its way back into popularity. These oranges work well when you coordinate them with peach tones and an occasional very bright orange splash. In this case, you could use peach colored favor boxes tied with bright orange ribbons and you could include Tiger lilies in bridal bouquets.

While pinks are always in style, 2009 is about new beginnings, and 2009 wedding colors are about making a statement of these new beginnings, so in the case of pinks being the color of choice, you will see strong pink shades as opposed to the paler shades. As with the other bright colors, this should go over well if you follow the same techniques mentioned previously, and keep traditional things as traditional, then make your color statement with the decor.

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Top Wedding Dress Trends For 2009 and 2010

Want to ensure a fashion-forward look for your upcoming 2009 or 2010 wedding? From sleek silhouettes to mini-dresses and tiered gowns, these latest looks for wedding gowns will help you put your best fashion foot forward to get you down the aisle in style.

Sleek Silhouettes
Slim is the silhouette of choice for the modern wedding dress - as sheaths, trumpets, and column wedding dresses ruled the runways. Don´t fret if you´ve always dreamed of donning a billowy ball gown, however, as this traditional style never goes out of style.

Colorful Details
Modern brides are experimenting with color to tie their ensembles into the color scheme. Adding a splash of color to the basic white gown remains popular through colorful sashes and appliqué details, or more dramatically through two-toned wedding gowns with a colored bodice against a white or off-white skirt.

High Hemlines
Not afraid to show a little leg, today´s brides are embracing the tea-length and mini shift dresses that have become de rigueur in nearly every wedding dress designer´s latest collections. The trend makes sense for destination weddings calling for laid back attire and brides opting to don a second dress for dancing the night away at the reception.

Tiered Skirts
Whether chiffon, tulle, organza, or even feathers - layers of fabric are the newest major detail designers are playing with to create soft, yet dramatic gowns. This flowing style is perfect for the bride who is a romantic at heart.

Floaty Fabrics
Dresses weighted down by heavy crepes, matte satins and silks are lightening up to fabrics like taffeta and organza. These airy fabrics are easy to layer and more comfortable for a gown worn for up to 10 hours. And for brides having a summer wedding, donning a lighter fabric will ensure they´re glowing - not sweaty and red-faced - on their wedding day.

One Shoulder
This asymmetrical look is a hot fashion trend that has crossed over into the bridal world to update the basic strapless gown. Carrying a simple, no fuss vibe, the one shoulder gown is a great option for a destination wedding. Bonus points for those blessed with toned limbs, as this neckline shows off the upper arms and shoulders.

Practical Pockets
Having graced gowns for a few seasons, pockets remain hot in 2009. The style lends a casual vibe for relaxed events, and - perhaps best of all - it´s practical too, allowing brides to keep essentials like lip gloss or tissues on hand throughout the day.

Get even more wedding dress trends in this complete wedding dresses guide and gallery of designer gowns.

Cori Russell is editor for Elegala.com and Gala Weddings Magazine. Elegala.com is a comprehensive wedding resource with a national directory of wedding venues and services, along with articles, expert advice, checklists and photo galleries to lead brides through every step of the planning process.

What You Should Wear to a Wedding - Rules and Traditions

One constant thing in our surroundings is change. It is because of unswerving transformation that so many developments are made. Wedding outfits have also been gone through the same change process. Currently, there are endless designs and styles of wedding dresses available in the market. You can find the traditional as well as the modern wedding outfits.

As the first rule, the outfit you select for some wedding highly depends upon the place where the wedding has to take place. Nowadays, people hold weddings in a variety of places such as the Churches, beaches, wedding halls etc. Therefore, the dress you select for one place will not necessarily be appropriate for another. Therefore, try to get the details after receiving the invitation because it will help you to select your dresses for that particular wedding.

Traditionally, if a wedding will be held in the daytime, it will require different clothing from the one which takes place in the evening, because the timings certainly influence the selection of colour, style, and accessories. If a wedding is in Church, women should dress up in a way that their shoulders and knees are properly covered. As it is a religious place, it requires you to dress up with modesty.

On the other hand, if a wedding is to be held on a beach, you will wear any stylish dress, which does not have to be too formal. In case, after attending a church wedding, you have to go for a reception organised at some other place, then you can use a jacket, coat, or wrap.

Women have a great range of wedding outfits from which they can select what they want to dress in. Just go to any designer's shop, and see the ceaseless assortment of dresses. You can select a short dress or even a suit for an informal or semi-formal daytime wedding event. You can wear cocktail dresses for an informal or semi formal evening weddings.

However, if the wedding requires formal dressing and is held during the daytime, a short dress or suit is suitable. In addition to a hat or gloves can also be used. A long outfit can be worn for evening weddings, which as a tradition, calls you to dress up formally. Along with other accessories, you need to use jewellery to perfect your look. You should avoid black or full white for daytime wedding events.

Men also are now very choosy about their dressing. A dress shirt and pant along with a casual jacket is most frequently used outfit for daytime informal weddings occasions. For an informal evening wedding, the best option is a suit. Men can put on a dark suit with tie for formal day and night time weddings.

Besides these traditions of wedding clothing, your personal choice certainly needs to be considered while choosing an outfit for a wedding. However, it should still not be too alien and must complement the occasion so that you do not look weird amongst the crowd.

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Wedding Customs & Superstitions

Where weddings are concerned there are many associated customs & traditions. Some you may have heard of & be incorporating into your plans & some which may be of surprise to you.

Customs & superstitions such as ’something old, something new…..’ or bad luck for the groom to the see the bride in her dress before the ceremony, are well known & are still respected by many couples today. Other lesser known customs have evolved in various regions of the world or have been passed through the generations of the same family.

Customs & superstitions are an accepted part of the marriage process & are followed in the hope of bringing good luck & fortune at an important time in two peoples’ lives.

The following list looks at some of the well known & not so well known traditions associated with weddings, with a brief explanation of the meaning behind them.

The Proposal - Traditionally the proposal was a formal affair & a prospective suitor would send members of his family to ask for the hand of his intended bride. If along the way they saw a blind man, a monk or a pregnant woman these were considered bad omens & the marriage was doomed. If they saw a nanny goat, pigeons or wolves, these were good luck omens & would bring good fortune.

Surnames - It was often thought unlucky to marry a man with a surname beginning with the same letter as the bride’s. The saying was:

“To change the name & not the letter is to change for the worst & not the better”

It was also considered bad luck & tempting fate for the bride to practice her new name before the wedding.

Choosing the Day - Today it is commonplace for the wedding to take place on a Saturday, however in the past it was considered unlucky to do so. Friday was also an unlucky day, particularly if dated the 13th. The month in which you should marry was also a matter of choosing carefully. May was considered an unlucky for many reasons, particularly as May was when Pagans would celebrate the festival of Beltane with outdoor orgies. Lent was also considered inappropriate as this is a time of abstinence. June however, was lucky as the month is named after the Juno, the Roman goddess of love & marriage.

Something old, Something new…

“Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue. And a silver sixpence in your shoe”

This infamous rhyme originated in Victorian times although some believe it to be older. Something old represents friends who will hopefully stay close during the marriage & was symbolized by the giving of a garter to the bride by a newly married woman in the hope her happiness would be passed on.

Something new represents the couples future, hopefully happy & prosperous.

Something borrowed is often a much valued item lent by the bride’s family. This item must be returned to ensure good luck. Something blue originated in ancient Israel where the bride would wear a blue ribbon in her hair to represent fidelity.

A silver sixpence in the shoe would ensure wealth. Today brides use a penny.

The Wedding Dress & Veil - It was thought unlucky for the bride to make her own wedding dress & that she shouldn’t wear the entire outfit before the wedding day. The tradition of wearing white, which symbolizes maidenhood, was started in the 16th century.

The veil was thought to provide protection to the bride whom it was thought would be at the mercy of evil & malevolent spirits. In some countries it symbolizes modesty & chastity.

Flowers - Flowers have long been traditional at weddings but the types & colors were carefully chosen. Orange blossom symbolizes purity & chastity, whilst peonies were avoided as they represent shame. An arrangement of red & white flowers was also avoided as they represent blood & bandages. The tradition of the grooms buttonhole, made from the same flowers as the bride’s bouquet, comes from medieval times when a Knight would wear his Lady’s colors as a symbol of his love.

Crossing the Threshold - When the couple returns home for the first time after the wedding, the bride must enter through the main entrance, although it is uncertain why the groom must carry her over the threshold. One superstition says the bride will befall bad luck should she fall when entering or another says she should not enter with the left foot first. Both of these can be avoided if she is carried! Another possible explanation has it’s origins in Anglo-Saxon times when the groom would steal his bride & carry her off!

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Vintage & Economical Weddings Are Back in Style

A return to simpler times has made its way into planning weddings. Thousands of brides are planning weddings that mimic the 20s, 50s or 70s rather than the 21st century. This vintage era planning does not mean they are giving up on beauty or style. It is about paying homage the the environment and dealing with the turmoil of our current economic times.

Vintage wedding gowns

One of the biggest ways brides are mimicking these period style weddings is with their wedding gowns and veils. Brides are shopping vintage stores and consignment shops to uncover treasures such as birdcage veils and feathery caps. Dress styles from these bygone eras are also making a comeback. Some brides are donning their mother's or grandmother's dresses, while others are having the dresses designed to look like a 20s, 50s or 70s style gown.

Sustainable flowers

Flowers play a vital role in the wedding ceremony and reception. There are meanings behind each and every flower used in a wedding. For brides doing their part to save the environment, millions of sustainable flowers are used in wedding ceremonies around the world.

Smaller and more intimate affairs

The size of wedding celebrations has shrunk back in time as well. Brides and grooms are throwing smaller and more intimate affairs than have been seen in recent years. Bigger isn't always better, so brides and grooms are focusing more on the quality of their relationships with their guests rather than how many wedding guests they can fit in a room.

Some brides are creating an experience for their guests that fit in with their era theme. Brides crafting their wedding on the 1920s are ordering props for their guests such as long pearl strands and feather boas for the women and fedoras for the men. Photographers are capturing the dress up and offering guests sepia colored photos in frames as favors.

Themes are always a great way to plan a wedding. The recent trend of planning a vintage wedding is in full swing. It's about stepping back into a simpler time in the 20s, 50s or 70s and taking your guests back with you to create an experience they'll never forget.

About The Author

Kristie Lorette is a freelance writer and marketing consultant that specializes in the wedding industry. As a former wedding and event planner, she also offers tips, tricks, and advice for planning weddings on her blog Weddings Diva. You can read Kristie’s blog at http://www.weddingsdiva.blogspot.com or learn more about her writing and marketing services at http://www.studiokwriting.com.

Beach Wedding Dress

If you are having a beach wedding you will need to shop for a casual beach wedding dress. Wedding gowns worn on the beach are a little different than wedding gowns worn at a traditional wedding. These gowns are usually made of thinner, more breathable material and are more similar to slip dresses than wedding gowns. The dress, like the wedding, has a more laid back feel.

Most brides who are getting married in a beach wedding choose dresses which are either strapless or have slim straps like spaghetti straps. When you are outside in nature you need your clothes to be lighter and easier to manage. However there are some things you may want to consider when choosing the dress and all the accessories. Just because it is a slip dress or more simple, this does not mean it will not be gorgeous. There are plenty of dresses that accomplish both of these things.

First the dress should be light and easy to move in. Even though most brides still wear wedding dresses, some opt to just wear a white or light colored slip dress or sundress. Beach wedding dresses can be simple, short, tea length, or normal length. If you want it to look more like a traditional gown there are many beach or informal styled wedding gowns which still look like traditional gowns. However, I would not suggest using a full length train as with the wind and the sand it probably would not turn out right.

For shoes many brides choose to wear sandals or flip flops. It is far more fitting to wear traditional beach shoes, all glammed up of course, than to be walking through the sand in 4 inch high heels. Of course what you wear is up to you but be prepared for the weather and the terrain in whatever is your final choice.

What will you wear on your head? Well you can wear a veil, but I would suggest against it. Being a beach wedding, you are fighting against the elements, and that includes wind. Veils and wind do not go well together. Many brides, beach weddings or otherwise, are opting to wear a tiara. Tiaras are beautiful, and they are also functional for helping keep your hair in place. If you think a tiara is a little too much, but still want to wear something in or on your hair you could opt for a hair comb instead. They are a little less flashy than a tiara, but still provide beauty and glamour.

What about the rest of your accessories. When you choose jewelry for your beach wedding you should keep in mind that if everything else you chose so far has been simple than your jewelry should follow suit. You do not want your jewelry to overpower the rest of the look. It is not too difficult to choose jewelry that is beautiful yet simple. Pearls, diamonds and different types of gems can all have this effect.

Pam Kazmierczak runs Wedding Planning 101, a wedding ideas website. Go to her website for wedding ideas and free articles, or to learn more about planning your wedding today. Liked this article, then read more about having a beach casual wedding dress.

Unique Wedding Reception Entertainment

The typical wedding reception entertainment scheme of pretty flowers and background music is fine for some people, but all kinds of options exist to spice it up a bit and provide a celebration that everyone is sure to remember for years to come.

Before planning any of the following wedding reception entertainment ideas, please take this short bit of advice: discuss it first. These inventive ideas will hopefully bring amusement and vibrancy to your wedding reception entertainment, but it could spell tragedy if you surprise everyone (particularly your spouse) with something completely outlandish.

Build your wedding reception entertainment around a theme that suits your personalities and interests. Some specific examples could be:

For the country bumpkin in you, try a theme centered around the old west. The ol' watering hole should be a big hit. Plant some (fake) muskets and six-shooters around the area and see what kind of drama erupts.

The renaissance era gives many options for a wedding reception entertainment theme. If you have ever been to a renaissance festival, you know what fun it can be. Hazah!

In this 21st century, much of the science fiction of the past has already come to reality. This is very fortunate for the tech-savvy couple looking to design a high-tech reception centered around a sci fi theme. Laser beams and shiny, metallic things always look futuristic.

Arrrh matey! Not all pirates are from the Carribean, but they can all throw a wild party! A big treasure chest filled with styrofoam peanuts can hide treasures for the kids to discover.

Ancient Egypt is always an intriguing theme for any party. Design a secret heiroglyphic message for your guests to decode and win a prize. The favorite and most important symbol for your ancient Egyptian wedding reception entertainment: the Ankh.

If you really want to get the guests roaring, try this: Hire absolutely the worst band you can find in the city. Allow them to play a couple of songs before you encourage the guests to boo them from the stage. Your real band can then emerge from the crowd and "save the day" with beautiful, professional tunes. (You will still pay the sucker band for their full set, of course. They did their part.)

Instead of subdued background music between sets, hire a comedian to perform during the band's intermission. An hilarious and upbeat act will keep your guests attentive and help them catch a second wind for another round of celebration.

There is no rule book that says wedding reception entertainment must be confined to the stage. Magicians, mimes, and jugglers are a few examples of entertainers who could meander through the crowd and keep everyone on their toes. They can scope out the folks who might look bored or ignored, hopefully prying open a few smiles. Remember to ask the juggler to please forego the flaming torches - just this once!

These are just a few wedding reception entertainment ideas to get you started. What you eventually decide to do should reflect your own tastes. But whatever you do, the key ingredient that must never be forgotten is: fun!

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10 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

A wedding is a special celebration, but can be very expensive - not just in terms of dollars spent, but also in the impact all facets have on the environment. Luckily, there are many ways to lessen the impact of wedding festivities; here are ten ideas to consider.

1. Consider recycled metal for the rings and buying a diamond from a manufacturer that subscribes to fair labor practices. Gold mining in particular is very environmentally destructive; utilizing gold from existing jewelry is a naturally renewable resource with no compromise in quality.

2. For the Save-the-Date cards and invitations, choose recycled and recyclable paper and select colors other than bright white, which contains chemical bleach.

3. When registering for gifts, look into green gift registries; choose stores that donate a portion of sales to a charity, and register for recycled house wares and those made from sustainable materials.

4. For the wedding gown, consider wearing vintage; if a new dress is important, select materials such as organic hemp or organic silk, which are less resource-intensive than cotton.

5. Cut flowers are usually quite toxic, both to the workers who grow them and to the environment. Transportation and emissions costs also come into play for flowers which are not grown locally. Select locally-grown and organically-farmed flowers.

6. For place cards, choose eco-friendly bamboo card holders, which can be reused for photos after the wedding. Another alternative is to use recycled-paper plantable place cards with embedded wildflower seeds; guests can enjoy planting flowers after the wedding festivities.

7. Centerpieces can be beautiful as well as green; live perennials or baby bushes can be taken home by guests and planted in their yards. Recycled glass bowls are another eco-friendly centerpiece idea.

8. For the menu, try to stay with local, seasonal, and organic foods as much as possible. Since one pound of beef requires 826 gallons of water to produce, consider a beef-free entree.

9. Ideas for eco-friendly wedding favors include plants, bulbs, or seeds. Plantable seed favors can be personalized with the couple's names and to match the wedding decor.

10. Don't forget to stay with the green theme when planning the honeymoon! Research eco-friendly travel ideas at websites from the likes of the International Ecotourism Society, the Greener Lodging Directory, and Travel Organic. When you check in, request that the housekeeping staff not change your towels and sheets daily.

Sarah L. Mitchell is a party planner and writer for Partease, an online source for wedding favors and gifts. Follow the link here for the latest trends in wedding favors.

Wedding Tips: How to Ensure Everything Gets Done Before Your Wedding Day

Being organized really helps a lot in completing tasks. You really do not have to be organized to the point of almost being obsessive-compulsive. However, it is good when you are working in a manner that you can ensure everything is done in the rightful manner. This way you do not have to end up forgetting important things that have a big impact to what you are planning.

Most of the time, a clear organization of things is very much needed in planning for a special occasions. If you plan to have a party and invite many people, it is crucial that you have done everything to make things happen as expected. What more if that special occasion is your wedding day, right? This special day requires a huge amount of time and effort from couples. You have to shop for your wedding gowns or suits. You need to find a location for your wedding and reception. Food is important that is why you need to ensure you have already a catering service. A wedding is never complete without entertainment; therefore, you need to have a band or a DJ. You also have to make invitations and hand them out to your guests. You will also have to find time to do your wedding videography, rehearsals and meet up with the officiant. So much too complete but even if you plan ahead, time can fly fast. That is why you need to be organized with your plan.

One helpful tip to ensure everything will be done is to make a schedule and a checklist. Months before the wedding, you should be able to know the things that you will need to make your wedding celebration happen. You can use your planners but they can be very small. You can try making a big calendar with boxes and write the things that are expected to be done on that specific date. In every day that you will be working on, make sure you bring a checklist with you. This will keep you on track on the things that you have to do for the rest of the day. In addition, you will not even retire for the day without knowing that you have left something behind.

This may sound elementary but it can really help a lot. When you are busy, the tendency is that you may get rattled or pre-occupied. With these things around, you will have something to remind you. The caterer, the calligrapher, the venue, your wedding videography, honeymoon locations and other stuff are equally important. You do not want to panic and be rattled on your special day because you have forgotten to give instructions to the caterer or the transportation services. On this day, you should be relaxing and thinking about being married rather than worrying over things that should have been done by now. This is how being organized is very important. It can even make things happen in a short amount of time. What more if you have months to spare before the big day comes?


Being organized is important when you are planning a wedding. It helps you to be always on track and to ensure that you will not miss anything important. The best way to be organized on this day is to make a schedule and a checklist.

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You Are Cordially Obligated? Sussing Out Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Inviting people to your wedding tends to be one of the most difficult part of the planning a wedding. Unlike the traditional weddings where everyone was invited, modern weddings have a restriction on the amount of guests you invite. You should make sure that you make a point to incorporate all your friends from all levels.

Since not everyone can come just make sure that a particular group is represented, from workmates to relatives. However, you should be very selective when making your pick. Choose a person because you want them to be there and not because you think you owe them an invitation. The following are the does and don’ts of selecting guests for your wedding from various sectors of your life to ensure that your wedding is an experience to remember.

Workplace Friends

This is one of the most difficult pick of them all. When you are inviting workmates, only choose those who you have become great friends with. If you don’t intend on inviting the others, don’t invite them to any of your wedding related ceremonies such as the pre wedding dinner. Keep your professionalism at the workplace and keep the weddings details to yourself. Don’t spread word round the office about how heavenly your wedding will be when you know very well not everyone is invited to attend. The wedding takes just a day and you will still go back to the office.


Although you would want to have your whole extended family there with you, you have a limit. First of all, invite your basic family, then your godparents and grandparents. Then invite your uncles and aunts. However, only send the invitation to those relatives who you keep close contact with or you see frequently. Don’t feel obliged to send an invitation to all relatives some of whom you don’t even know. This usually tends to be wastage of invitation cards since most of them don’t show up.

Long time friends

These are the friends who you grew up with and they know you inside out. Only invite those friends who you have good relations with and have kept contact even though miles apart. Friendships can sometimes be a rocky ride but a wedding ceremony should not be reconciliation ground. It is a time to enjoy and to appreciate people for what they have done for you and not a time to open Pandora’s Box.

Past spouses or boyfriends

Many people feel the urge of inviting past partners in a bid to make them jealous and to show off on how well they are doing. Most of the time, this approach backfires since some of them have not fully gotten over what happened and may decide to cause a scene. We all want to revenge for past mistakes done but it should not cost you your wedding. Only invite those past partners you know have moved on and are mature enough to handle such a situation.

With this in mind, you can now comfortably choose who should and should not grace your wedding with their presence.

Jason Hennessey is the President of 1weddingsource.com, today's leading wedding planning social networking site. He also founded an online store that host a collection of wedding favors and wedding gifts to make your wedding day an event to be cherished for a lifetime.

Simple Wedding Day Makeup Tips

Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day. However, almost all the brides are having their first wedding and they have totally no experience in wedding day makeup.

Instead of hiring expensive wedding planners and beauty consultants, try the following wedding day makeup tips.

A few weeks before the wedding, try experimenting with the makeup effect. To get the most experience out of this, take a photo before you applied the makeup and after the makeup is applied.

Take each shot with flash and without flash to check out on the photo finishing.

From the photos, learn where you need to improve and by then week before your wedding, you will be an wedding day makeup expert!

In wedding shoots, almost every shot from the camera emits flash and they are glaring. Thus ensure that you do not apply a white foundation as in photos, your face will appear white. To counter this issue, use a non-white foundation, preferably yellow.

Pop your cheeks with doses of pink, the pink works wonders in photographs.

Do not focus on the face itself only. Use foundation on other areas surrounding the face, such as ears, neck and chest area so that the effect is much more natural.

Blend both the face and surrounding area with a concealer shade and ensure that the color is similar.

For the eye liner, use a water-resistant version. As on wedding days, brides usually give out tears of joy constantly. Do remember any makeup related to the eyes and eyebrows must be water resistant.

If a breakout occurs before your wedding day, leave it alone and wash with plain water. The spots are better off healing themselves.

For your lips, fill with lip pencil to have your wedding lips makeup color last longer before applying the lipsticks.

If your lips are small and thin, go with light colors while fuller lips could use a deeper shade. Keep to the matt effect instead of glossy effect for better wedding photo shots. If matt is not to your preference, stick to soft glossy look effect.

Always carry a touch up kit with concealer, lipstick, liner, tissues and mints. Yes mints, you do not want to be known as the cinderella with dinosaur's breathe.

Lastly, ensure that on the day before the actual day, every item in your wedding day makeup box existed and have enough quantity. You do not want to your efforts to go down the drain by not having enough quantity to be used on the actual day.

Love this simple wedding day makeup tips? Check out the rest of the articles.

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The Many Choices for Irish Wedding Dresses

Those who want to wear Irish wedding dresses can choose from many different styles and designs. Some of them have t-length gowns and cathedral length trains that seemed to go on forever. When it comes to Irish wedding dresses, bust lines and hemlines vary from one bridal gown to another and even the colors are dress-specific.

The magic handkerchief is one feature that is common to all traditional Irish wedding gowns. In Irish culture, the magic handkerchief is part of the lovely bridal tradition. On the wedding, the bride carries a handkerchief. Some brides prefer to wear their magic hankies in their Irish wedding dresses, while others keep them in their sleeves or under their veils.

Since the magic handkerchief doubles as a baby’s bonnet, it is very special to the bride-to-be. This item holds the promise of the bride becoming a mother in the future. The bride can quickly transform the hanky into a baby’s bonnet with a few stitches thanks to the innovative design of the magic handkerchief.

Irish wedding dresses are unique because they have an element that will be worn by the couple’s first born child. It is as if the baby is part of the ceremony before he or she is even conceived. This appealing aspect of Irish wedding dresses is a crucial part of their appeal, although it is commonly overlooked.

The bonnet will be given to the couple’s first born if it is a baby girl. She will keep it until she marries. After she has chosen her own Irish wedding dress, she will undo the stitching herself and the bonnet will be once again a handkerchief for the couple’s special day. This marriage tradition carries on from generation to generation.

The bridal themes that involve the beautiful country of Ireland and its rich traditions have become increasingly popular in this present day and age. Many people enjoy the practice of trying on a number of Irish wedding dresses for their special day. The widespread practice of following the traditions of that country shows honor and respect many people have for their heritage.

You should research the customs of the ceremony ahead of time if you are considering adopting the traditions of Ireland into the day of your marriage. You also have to make sure that you take time to include a magic handkerchief in the tradition. Of course, it is also important that have a lot of fun trying on the many styles of Irish wedding dresses available.

Morgan Hamilton offers expert advice and great tips regarding all aspects concerning Irish Wedding Dresses. Visit our site for more helpful information about Irish Wedding Dresses and other similar topics.

How To Find Cool Wedding Gifts that Won't Break the Bank

Taking the time to pick out a special gift or creatively put something together for them will be more memorable than kitchen supplies, towels and other gifts that are commonly given at weddings. A wedding gift does not have to be expensive to be well received and appreciated by the new bride and groom. By putting in a bit of thought you can find wonderful gifts without emptying your wallet.

Creative Gifts

There are several different ideas for making inexpensive wedding gifts. The happy couple will feel blessed that you took the time to put together something special. Some ideas are;

A creative yet useful gift is to fill a mixing bowl with a variety of kitchen utensils. Use a basket containing the elements of a romantic dinner. Include items such as pasta, sauce, a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. You could also include a sweet desert, like biscotti or chocolate. Picture frames are always a safe bet, there is bound to be pictures from the wedding or other things to put in them. Along the lines of photographs, if you are close friends or relative to one of them, you could gather all pictures you have of them and start a photo album or scrapbook. Check at discount stores and craft stores for the supplies above.

Other Gift Ideas

Some other ideas for inexpensive wedding gifts are;

Check stores to find out if the couple has a gift registry, then choose something you can afford off that list. You can also look at those lists to get an idea what sort of gift the couple might like. Candles are another gift which many think of when they hear wedding bells. You can get as many or few as you want. To dress them up a bit, put variety in a basket and add some bubble bath, a bottle of wine, and 2 wine glasses.

Wedding gifts do not have to be expensive for the couple to like them. Using your creativity and a dash or romance, you can put together a gift that they will appreciate. Wedding gifts are meant to be a symbol of your good wishes to the new couple. Feel free to put your own personal touches into your wedding present. The couple will most like appreciate your efforts and thank you for all the hard work you put into their present. Trust me I was just married a month ago and it really is the thought that counts.

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The Wedding Ring

Because it was thought and relied on that the vein in the wedding ring finger went directly to the heart, wedding rings are customarily worn on the left ring finger. Today, that practice continues to exist although recent medical technology has demonstrated that the belief is absolutely wrong.

After the wedding ceremony, another tradition is observed in order for women to wear the wedding ring. They have first to transfer their engagement ring from the left hand to their right hand finger. Sometimes, this tradition is practiced when you purchased a bridal set consisting of wedding bands and engagement rings. Both the rings and bands are perfectly matched and can be worn separately or together.

There are many styles in these bridal sets, from interlocking bands, matching designs and a lot more. Usually, there will be a solitaire design with or without accents on one ring and a band with or without stones on another. A matching set is beautiful and there are many styles and patterns to choose from. Think practically when choosing between a solo and a set. This will be the greatest decision you will be making before you complete your dream marriage. Ask yourself if you like to wear two rings. Does this wedding ring set match your lifestyle or personal style? Think about daily wear and decide which type of wedding ring design would suit you.

Wedding rings, bridal jewelry sets and wedding bands are not just ordinary pieces of jewelry. They are the most important symbols of your commitment and love with each other. Shop and look at various styles and types if you want to choose wedding rings and other bridal jewelry not only for yourself but, of course, for your loved one too. Look for a wedding ring that you will keep and cherish eternally since rings are not only a statement of fashion, it is a pledge that should be kept for a lifetime for they bring messages of peace and unconditional love.

When choosing your wedding ring in various stores and shops, it's not impossible to obtain thirty years of wedding ring experience in them. Jewelers have produced thousands of rings and have acquired their expertise on all of their experiences when creating wedding rings. You can find a wedding ring to wear as a stand alone ring or to match your engagement ring. Browse the net and look from the elegant collection of ladies wedding rings or two-tone wedding rings, gemstone wedding rings, selected ladies white gold wedding rings, titanium wedding rings and platinum wedding rings.

Each wedding ring is carefully designed and created using superior quality diamonds, metals and gemstones. In every purchase of a wedding ring, a craftsmanship and valuation warranty is often included. You can check if all the displayed wedding rings are available in finger sizes and in stock. If your desired ring style is out of stock, the company will create your ring for you based on in your finger size.

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Wedding Cake Traditions

Maybe you've wondered how the tradition of having a huge wedding cake at receptions got started. Of course it has roots in customs that go far back in time. For example, in Roman times the wedding cake was a symbol of fertility. But the 'wedding cake' of that time was little more than a bun which, in Roman celebrations would be broken over the bride's head. Wheat in Roman culture was symbolic of fertility and the resulting crumbs that were created by breaking the bun were considered good luck charms.

Later in the Middle Ages, there was a custom that the bride and groom would kiss over a mound of small cakes brought by the wedding guests. And that custom seemed to evolve such that by the 1600's, the bridesmaids would bake little cakes with small fruit like currants. These small cakes would be used as decoration for the wedding couple's table. It was a centerpiece of sorts.

Finally by the 1700's a version of the modern wedding cake began to emerge as a French baker put frosting on the stack of sweet buns to hold them together. So this could be the origination of the first tiered wedding cakes that have become the norm today.

In these original customs there was no concept of giving a slice of the cake to every guest. As far as we can tell, that may have originated with the Chinese who did have a custom of serving each guest a slice of cake as a way to share good luck with all.

Of course no discussion of wedding cakes can be complete without addressing the groom's cake origins. These days the groom's cake is some cake that the groom really likes. But not so long ago if you were of Irish or English descent, the groom's cake would be a type of fruit cake. A strange story related to the grooms cake is that guests who take home a slice of the groom's cake and slept on it would have dreams of their future spouse. Now I can't figure how this old wives tale got started. Who would sleep on a slice of cake? But believe it or not, it makes a good story to tell.

With the wedding cake we celebrate today the tradition of the cake cutting. This is where the bride and groom cut the cake and typically feed each other a bite. Many couples like to order a special wedding cake serving set for the reception and it makes a great keepsake that the bridal couple can use again. In fact a personalized cake serving set can be passed down from generation to generation with more names and dates engraved with each marriage.

After the cutting of the cake, typically the toasting commences. The best man and maid of honor typically give a toast. Some wedding couples have special toasting flutes that are used for this but this is a relatively new trend.

And finally a word about wedding cake toppers. Often a couple will choose the toppers used by the bride or groom's parents. But when that is not available or even a choice the bride and groom want, you have many choices including flowers or personalized cake toppers made with crystals and more.

Obviously the history of our modern wedding cake is a long and rich one. So as you plan your wedding day, consider its history and your cake will taste that much sweeter and richer when you appreciate where it came from.

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How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

When a little girl dreams about her fantasy wedding, one of the things she thinks about is color. But using the color palette you've always wanted may not work when it comes down to the real thing. Consider the season, location, and theme of the wedding.

The color scheme a woman chooses for her wedding is important because it not only reflects the personality of the bride and tone of the wedding, it also provides background for the wedding photos. Your bridesmaids will wear the palette you choose, so the color should flatter them. You'll use color in other places, too. Linens, flowers, personalized favors, and décor will all reflect your choice of hue.

Close your eyes and reflect on the colors of summer. Sunny yellow, watermelon, and pool blue come to mind. When we think of autumn, we often picture soft gold, pumpkin, and chocolate. Brighter hues are in store for a winter wedding. Deep shades of purple, cranberry, or navy are appropriate, as well as a black-and-white color scheme. A spring wedding is the perfect time for a new beginning. Colors like lavender, rose pink, and of course spring green, take the lead.

You'll need to consider the existing colors in your wedding and reception venues so there won't be any mismatch. Bring color swatches with you to check that your palette blends with walls, rugs, and furniture. Pastel shades might not go well in a country club with dark wallpaper and mahogany furniture, so adjust accordingly. Similarly, strong hues could overwhelm a simple garden wedding.

A casual wedding on an exotic beach calls for to bright colors. How about using tropical flowers as inspiration? Hot pink, bright orange, and deep yellow flowers make beautiful bouquets, garlands, and centerpieces. Add natural accents like bamboo and seashells. Bridesmaids can wear complimentary-hued sundresses and sport hibiscus in their hair. Show your hospitality by providing wedding favors like treats in mini tin pails or seashell tealights.

If you find your wedding venue already heavy on the décor, use some crafty thinking to work your color scheme into it. The best approach is to make your primary color neutral. Cream, gray, or white looks beautiful accented with heavier colors. Create centerpieces of white hydrangeas with bright blue iris or yellow narcissus. Your bridesmaids will wear a neutral dress accented with a colorful sash and carry a bouquet of bright flowers. Guests will enjoy receiving favors of "champagne" bubbles or frosted glass coasters.

A garden wedding doesn't need too much added color. Flowers should compliment the existing gardens and bridesmaid dresses should be in simple, solid hues. There is probably enough green, so use other colors like peach, yellow, and lilac. Tables can be set with lace and vintage touches. Gift your guests with something nostalgic like a scented soap or paper fan.

Sarah L. Mitchell is a party planner and writer for Partease, an online source for wedding favors and gifts. Follow the link here for the latest trends in wedding favors.

The Best Dresses For Busty Brides

Let's face it, ladies: sometimes too much of a good thing is just too much! If nature endowed you with a bit too much in the bust department, flattering your figure is probably one of your top concerns when you are shopping for a wedding gown. Happily, you will find that there are many styles that will help to get your assets under control for your big day!

When we are talking about ways to get a large bust under control, we are generally talking about the natural ones - the kind that had you crossing your arms over your chest from a very young age. Brides who have the fake Pamela Anderson style enormous-but-impossibly-perky type of bust are usually more interested in showing it off than covering it up. If you fall into the first category, rest assured that you will be able to find a wedding gown that makes you the center of attention, not your chest. It just takes some careful shopping, and the help of a very good seamstress.

If you have ever watched the tv show "What Not to Wear", they are frequently advising full-chested women to look for tops that will make "the girls" look "locked and loaded". This is great advice for brides, as well. When you are shopping for a wedding gown that will get a large bust under control, think of structure as your best ally in reining in the girls. Run away from dresses that are filmy, unstructured, or don't allow you to wear a great fitting bra or bustier.

To get the right amount of structure in a wedding gown, look for styles that have bodices with boning and that are made from a substantial fabric,like a silk mikado. This will enable you to get a nice smooth fit that contains your chest nicely. Very lightweight fabrics simply will not be up to the challenge! Strapless gowns often have the necessary boning (yes, a busty bride can wear strapless!), but you can have boning added to many other styles as well. And the more boning, the better - I knew one bride whose bodice had so many strips of boning in it that it could actually stand up on its own!

Choosing the right neckline is key for full-busted brides. Whenever you are trying to minimize the effect of curves, look for clothing that has strong straight lines. For example, a v-neck gown is an excellent option, as long as the neckline is not too plunging. Another flattering neckline is a portrait neckline, or a straight across strapless gown. Styles to avoid would be anything too curvy, such as deep scoopnecks or exaggerated sweetheart necklines. And run screaming from dresses with high necks like bateaus; you may think that you will be hiding your chest by completely covering it up, but in actuality, you will end up looking like bust from the neck down - not a good look at all!

Another great way to generate a flattering line on the chest is with your jewelry. The same long straight lines that work in a gown will be ideal for your bridal jewelry. To get the perfect piece, look into custom bridal Swarovski necklaces. Bridal necklaces that are custom made will ensure that you get the perfect length for your neckline, and the Swarovski crystals will ensure that they are fabulous!

It is always going to be more challenging to find the perfect wedding gown when you are not a perfect sample size. However, know that your dream dress is out there waiting for you, even if it takes you a little longer to find it. And if you never find that one wedding gown that has all the details you want in the perfect cut, you can always get one custom made just for you. That is sure to make any bride feel extra special.

Finding the whole process of weddings and all the planning that goes into one fascinating, Laura writes about many of the considerations that brides have to deal with. Custom bridal Swarovski necklaces are a wonderful way to get a fabulous look at an affordable price.

Top 7 Homemade Wedding favors

Wedding favors are traditionally small gifts from wedding couples to their guests when they attended the couples' wedding.

In modern times, wedding gifts have become commercialized and wedding favors received by the guests have been similar. Thus to distinguished your wedding favors for your guests, nothing is more special than a homemade wedding favor.

A homemade wedding favors from the wedding couple will have their personal touch and thus uniquely differentiate their wedding favors from other wedding couples.

By designing your own personalized homemade wedding favors, you are able to match the theme and the mood of the wedding and greatly reduce expenses on your wedding budget.

Some personalized homemade wedding favor ideas

  • Photo frames
  • Personalized Cds / DVD
  • Plantable Seeds
  • Scented candles / Soaps engraved with the your name
  • Bookmarks with photos
  • Key chains
  • Homemade cookie / breads / cakes / chocolates

The wedding gifts are not limited to the list above and there are a lot others wedding favors which can be given and personalized and you are only limited by your own imagination.

Homemade wedding favors do not have to be complicated or labor extensive in order to be unique. If you are thinking of giving a photo frame wedding favor personalized with your wedding photos, you do not have to saw the frame yourselves.

You could purchase the photo frames in bulk in different colors. Add on your personal touches with you and your spouse name on it by engraving on it. With advance in technology, professional and creative printing is only limited by your mind.

Armed with a computer with lightscribe technology, you can print your pictures onto the DVD / CDs. Lightscribe is a technology to use laser to 'burn' images and pictures onto the CD / DVDs itself. The contents for the CD could include your wedding pictures and your wedding videos.

Give your wedding guests plantable seeds and encourage them to grow it. Thus whenever they water the plant, they will be reminded of your wedding favor and the love you both shared.

Design your own bookmarks and keychains with various shapes and sizes. It does not have to be in the boring long rectangular shape. A heart shape will certainly lets everyone knows that it is a wedding favor and by printing your photos, it becomes a personalized homemade wedding favor.

If you have a talent for baking, not let your wedding guests know about this? Bake cookies in various shapes, packed in a small personalized box and distribute to everyone. Let your wedding guests have them as the wedding's dessert, sweetening their wedding experience further.

Have fun while making your wedding favors and your guests will certainly feel your affection when they receive you homemade wedding favor. A wedding favor that expresses the sentiments of the wedding couple, although cheap, will certainly brings a smile and memory to them.

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50th Wedding Anniversary Speech - After 50 Years Together

Giving a speech after 50 years of marriage would seem to be really easy, but expressing your emotions after 50 years doesn’t always get easier, sometimes it gets more difficult because the emotion becomes stronger, deeper, and more complicated. Whether you are the husband or wife or a dear friend that would like to make a speech, it can be difficult to find the right words to say that encapsulate a love that has been able to withstand 50 years of marriage.

  • If You Are One of the Couple

  • If you are either the husband or the wife, you should thank all of the guests for coming to celebrate 50 years of marriage with you. You should then express your gratitude to your spouse for hanging in there with you for all of these years. Share a story or some feelings with your spouse and your friends and family about a particularly inspiring time, loving time, difficult time, or a moment of levity in the 50 years of marriage that you think is appropriate. You can present your spouse with a gift during your speech as well, which is a great way to end your golden anniversary speech!
  • Where to Start

  • Starting a speech can be very difficult, so the best way to start off is with a brief introduction of yourself if you are not the husband or the wife. For instance, you don’t need to give your entire background you can simply say, “Hi, I’m Jane. I am a long time friend of Bill and Nancy and am so glad to be here today.” This will give the other guests that are at the party some idea of who you are and why you would want to give a speech at all!
  • What to Say

  • 50 years of marriage, what do you say? If you are married, thank the couple for being an inspiration to you and your spouse. Thank them for sticking together and being two people that everyone could count on. You can tell the couple that you hope that your marriage can be as strong after 50 years as you know that theirs is now. If you have one, share a cute story that you think demonstrates the strength and beauty of the couple’s love. You can also present the couple with a gift, a framed picture, or a framed piece of scripture or a poem during your speech. The point of the speech is just to convey how happy you are for the couple for sticking together for 50 years, as well as to express what an inspiration they are to married people everywhere.
  • How to Close

  • Closing the speech can be the most difficult part after starting! The best thing you can do is say congratulations and that you hope to celebrate many more anniversaries, and thank them for sharing their day with you. The closing needn’t be anything extravagant, and there will likely be someone that will follow you in their congratulating the married couple for their 50th wedding anniversary.

    Article by James Nardel, expert author at EasyWeddingToasts.com. For more tips and information on wedding speeches and toasts and free wedding speech examples for entire wedding party visit http://www.easyweddingtoasts.com.