Buying Cheap Wedding .

Wedding favors are a must have for many brides. Ideas for wedding favors that are not too expensive can run a bit short at times.

Some people find that items like personalized magnets are a good bargain at $1-$2.50 each. That is a pretty good deal. When you shop for them online, sometimes you can find them for as cheap as 50 cents each. Personally decorated candles are a great idea. You can even carve your candles and then paint the carved area to match your theme.

Here are some more wedding favor ideas:

• Bookmarks are cheap to make and easy to print on your own home computer.

• Personalized shot glasses with Hershey’s kisses in them from Mr. and Mrs. are fun and can run as cheap as $2.15 each for 150 of them

• Wrapping white spruce trees are a great and unique idea that will cost approximately 50 cents each.

• Personalized mint tins are a great idea and cost about $1.50 per person.

• You can get heart shaped wine stoppers in various colors with personal engravings on them for about 75 cents each

The fact of the matter is that no matter what you hoping to use as a wedding favor, the choices that you have are really only as limited as your creativity.

It is really important that when you are looking into your wedding favors that you realize that they are not the same as centerpieces or bridal party gifts.

Wedding favors are generally given to the entire guest list at a wedding; whereas bridal party gifts are only given to those who are attendants in the ceremony.

Really fun wedding favors are those that are created from your favorite treats. For example, Hershey’s kissed bouquets or chocolate heart bouquets are great as well. The wedding favors are simply meant to say thanks to your guests.

They do not have to be expensive and can run you as little as 50 cents per person when you shop around. Buying your wedding favors online can help you find the best deals out there.

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How to Choose Indian Wedding Clothes

Western brides will traditionally wear white wedding clothes but the Indians normally wear Indian wedding clothes which are colored red. To Indians, white is a representation of mourning in some areas of the world. The red color for Indians is a sign of happiness and good luck.

Because the people in the country of India are divided in regions and religions, they have different beliefs and different Indian wedding clothes. Some of the common Indian wedding clothes are chameez, gaghra choli and the sari. The sari has been famous in the country of India and it is in fact one of the most common Indian wedding clothes.

You may have seen a sari because women wear it almost everyday in the streets. The gaghra is another type of Indian wedding clothing. It is described as the long skirt which comes with a short blouse and sometimes with a scarf too. The scarf is known as the dupatta which is draped around the chest of the bride.

The shalwar chameez also has a dupatta which is wrapped around the chest. But in this type of Indian wedding clothing, the dupatta can be worn over the head and also around the neck of the bride. Indian wedding clothes can sometimes have a mixture of intricate patterns and some extra designs.

You have noticed that weddings from other countries wear too much accessories and jewelries. This has been very common and sometimes considered a must-have but for Indians, Indian wedding clothes should be simple without too much decoration and a bride should not have too much beadwork or bracelets because to them, it does not look formal.

Indian wedding clothes are made of fabric which has the purpose of reflecting light. Some of the Indian wedding clothes are made of chiffon, silk and satin. These reflect light and give a good impact to the Indian wedding clothes.

If you are in India, you may wish to apply a different style in your wedding such as beach wedding, garden wedding or other types of wedding but your visitors especially the elders will always appreciate the traditional way. Personalizing your own wedding may be a good choice but you should first seek advice.

However, you can add simple accessories with the Indian wedding clothes. Your guests will definitely love traditional attires and following the red motif for Indian wedding clothes can be the best choice. For Indian wedding decorations, you do not need too many decorations at all.

Flowers can be the best choice and it can be easily found. If you have your wedding fixed on a certain date, you should start planning out which Indian wedding clothes that you want. Choose the perfect color or rather choose red. Look around for fresh flowers that you can buy.

You can buy in flower shops and ask for discounts. The flowers that you will choose will also depend on the color of Indian wedding clothes that you will choose. Just remember that your Indian wedding clothes should be simple because as what they have said, simplicity is beauty.

But if you want it personalized, you can ask a designer to make special Indian wedding clothing for you. Another thing, Indian wedding clothes don’t need to be expensive.

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Hiring a Wedding Planner

Author: Ashutosh


One of the most joyous occasions in life is a wedding, a time when two people in love exchange those powerful words, “I Do”, which binds them legally as husband and wife. Although an exciting time of life, planning a wedding is also a very stressful time. For that reason, many people have discovered the benefits of hiring a professional coordinator to ensure everything comes together as it should. In this article, we are providing you with the top five reasons for hiring a wedding planner so you can enjoy your wedding with much less stress.


The number one reason for hiring a wedding planner is to dramatically reduce the level of stress. Every wedding, even the best planned will have challenges. Unfortunately, when the bride and/or groom are the ones trying to handle all the obstacles along with everything else, they feel completely overwhelmed and suddenly, the enjoyment of wedding planning is out the door. With a professional planner, they supervise all of the events associated with your wedding so you no longer have to sweat the small (or big) stuff. That means everything from the delivery of the flowers, to the set up of the cake, to the limos arriving on time is taken care of for you.


A good wedding planner will have been in the business for years. Because of this, they have coordinated hundreds of weddings and can take ideas to share with you for your upcoming wedding. That means instead of a wedding cake that is three layers of chocolate, you could end up with something tropical, one layer of pina colada cake, one of red raspberry, and a third of coconut cream. The point is that by hiring a wedding planner, your ideas can be expounded on, enhancing your wedding.

Precise Detailing

For all weddings, there are so many small details that often, things get overlooked. One of the frustrations for the bride and groom is trying to maintain all of those details so the wedding goes off without a hitch. An experienced wedding planner knows all about the small details and has an outstanding ability of keeping track of them. He or she would sit down with the bride and/or groom and go over each aspect of the wedding, covering every possible angle so nothing is missed.

Insider Information

A huge benefit in hiring a wedding planner is that they know who the best of the best is. If you want a DJ, they can provide you with several top choices. If you want a catered meal, they can tell you exactly which caterer serves fabulous food at an affordable price, or if you want a horse drawn carriage to take you to the reception, they know who to call. For you, that means no time is wasted making phone call after phone call, only to walk away frustrated and empty handed.


Finally, hiring a wedding planner is an excellent idea if you want to save money. Because these professionals have connections with all types of people in the wedding industry, they can typically pass on excellent discounts to you. Keep in mind that does not affect the quality of the service, just the price.

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Wedding Clothes and Jewelry in Pakistan

Wedding is a memorable traditional event in every one's life. The dress and jewelry play the major role as the bride and the groom want to look elegant. Wedding dress and jewelry is very important in Pakistan also. Pakistani bride selects a perfect wedding dress to look attractive. She will remember this for the rest of her life.

There are plenty of types of wedding dress like Sharara, gharara, lehenga choli, mermaid cut lehenga, churidar and pyjama with angrakha, salwar kameez, Pakistani salwar suits and saree to select for the wedding in Pakistan. They are also available to suit everyone's financial position. Bridegroom's dresses in Pakistan are designed in such a way that they cater for both tradition and style. The dress can be white, black or any other color. However, black is liked superior by most of the grooms. These dresses are designed and cut by specialist designers.

Bride and the groom's garments are decorated with embroidery work using threads, beads, discs, silver and gold threads. Sherwani is a long coat, which fits close to the body is worn by the groom over his normal dress. Sherwani is fitted with number of buttons to fasten in the front. Sherwani is also embroidered such that it gives a pleasing look. Peshawri and Baloochi are two types of Sherwani decorated with embroidery. In addition, some of the grooms wear turban. Turban is always in the traditional red color. Sandals are the footwear preferred for the wedding.

Brides invariably prefer traditional lehenga choli rather than sari and choli. Wedding sarees in Pakistan are made with plenty of gold or silver thread designs. This increases the weight of the saree. Pakistani brides are more comfortable with the light weight lehenga choli. Lehenga choli is nothing but a long skirt and blouse. Choli is embroidered along the neck line, hem, side hem and chest. Lehenga is embroidered heavily to give a beautiful and elegant look. Some of the brides prefer to wear churidar. In any case, the bride in Pakistan should wear veil known as duppatta. Duppatta is a long piece of cloth beautified with embroidery work. Duppatta is hung on the shoulder and it is also used to cover their face.

Jewelry of wedding in Pakistan is unique in nature. According to the status of the family the jewels are selected. Jewels are very important in a wedding in Pakistan. Along with sophisticated jewels to wear on the neck, hands they also wear nath and tikka. Nath is a nose ring and tikka is pendant like ornament hanging on the forehead to beautify the bride. Importance is given to match the jewelry and the wedding dress. In modern days wedding in Pakistan, necklace, bracelets, earrings and rings are designed to the current fashion.

In resent times, designers of wedding clothes and jewelry in Pakistan, design that highlights the pleasing wedding look of bride and groom. Designers get these designs from film stars' costumes. Thus by mixing tradition with modern designs, dress and jewelry of wedding in Pakistan march on.

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Wedding Dresses: Choosing The Best Style For Your Personality

“There is something about a wedding gown prettier than any other gown in the world.”

-Douglas Jerrod, 1859

Your wedding dress will say a lot about your personal style. It is a statement about you, your tastes and your personality, so you need to get it right. Throughout your wedding planning you will make choices about where to get married through to the type of wedding favors you hand out. All of this decision making will create the backdrop to the two things that your guests will notice the most - you and your wedding dress.

Determining your wedding personality will help you make most of these decisions which can be difficult at the best of times. For most brides, their wedding persona will be a close match to their everyday persona and their weddings will be likewise. However, there are those who will seek to reinvent themselves just for their wedding and go for something completely different. Well, it is your wedding day after all

So to find your wedding personality read through the four descriptions below to find the one which best suits you:

The Romantic Bride:

The romantic bride has been dreaming of her wedding ever since she was a little girl and she has big fairy-tale sized aspirations. You want a church filled with flowers or a beautiful garden setting; your dress will be typically feminine and full of pretty details. Your chosen wedding color will most probably be pink

The romantic bride can choose to make her wedding as formal and traditional or as laid back and casual as she likes, as long as it is oozing with romance. Your choice of wedding dress will be traditional with lots of lace and ruffles and will probably have the ‘Cinderella’ look about it with a strapless bodice, long train and veil.

The romantic bride may also choose beautiful tulle dresses with delicate details or maybe lean towards an historical inspired gown from the Renaissance or Edwardian eras.

The Natural Bride:

For the natural bride a relaxed look is key. The wedding will probably take place outdoors, a beach or parkland setting perhaps. A natural bride will want to appear comfortable and her wedding dress will probably be simple and pure.

Natural brides will have a tendency to shy away from formal weddings; they make them nervous and instead will opt for a semi-formal affair. Their wedding dress will be simple, lightweight and with minimal details. Because comfort is paramount they will also put their prospective gown through it’s paces before buying; considering how easy it is to walk, dance, hug and bend in, before placing a deposit

The Classic Bride:

The classic bride will err on the side of caution; her wedding will be formal or semi-formal, conservative and full of tradition. For her a wedding dress should be elegant, tasteful and timeless. Her chosen color will probably be white and the dress will feature a fitted bodice, an a-line skirt with a chapel train and minimal detailing such as a subtle lace trim and some scattered pearls.

She will choose silk or satin over tulle and chiffon and is quite likely to be dusting off her mother’s or grandmothers dress for her big day

The Drama Queen Bride:

The classic drama queen will see her wedding as a classy affair, probably held in the evening with top class catering in a five star hotel. Her choice of dress will be contemporary, avant-garde and above all stylish - she has to be noticed! Her wedding dress would be considered a risk by others but the drama queen has a closet full of risks and they normally pay off.

Because she is more daring than most her wedding dress will most likely be a strapless, backless design. She will probably look at mermaid or trumpet gowns, with elaborate detailing such as lace, sequins and crystal beading.

Georgina Clatworthy is a dedicated full time writer who composes informative articles related to wedding favors and wedding. She is connected with 1WeddingSource, today’s leading wedding social networking planning site.

Occupation: writer
Georgina Clatworthy is a dedicated full time writer who composes informative articles related to wedding favors and wedding. She is connected with , today’s leading wedding social networking planning site.

What You Should Wear Under Your Wedding Dress

You've got almost everything in place: you've got the venue for both the wedding ceremony and reception. The menu has been set. Flowers, photographers, souvenirs, dresses - you've got them. You ticked off every item on the checklist, which is absolutely great!

Just to check though... did you remember to prepare what goes beneath the dress? Keep in mind that what's under the dress is as important as the dress itself.

You'd be amazed at what a difference the correct foundation garment can make to the way a dress fits and flows on you. In fact the best wedding dress designers will ask you and help you plan what to wear with the gown. They may even have it specially made for you.

Most designers would recommend that you wear a strapless bra on your wedding day but it can be extremely uncomfortable if it doesn't fit right (not to mention the forever checking if it's properly in place). If you're wearing a backless gown this won't do at all. You'd need to wear something that can't be seen at all!

So, before you go shopping for the lingerie to go with your gown, check the style, fit and material of your gown. If it's a strapless you may opt to wear a bustier instead. It is meant to hug your curves perfectly and it is long enough to stay in place without the straps. Choose one with a good push up to enhance your look at the nuptials. This is good for the off the shoulder ones as well.

If you're dress was designed to bare your back then check out the new line of bras and corsets that have fasteners at the waist. If you can't find one you like, take a look at the adhesive types that stick to your skin. It's best that you give it a trial run first to ensure that you aren't allergic to what makes it stick.

If your dress is too sheer, the color of your lingerie may show through and ruin your look. It may be a better idea to wear a color that matches your skin rather than white. It would be less obvious that way.

You'll also need to think about the bottom line. Depending on the way your skirt is cut and its material, your panty line may show; especially if the style of your gown is a close fit and the material drapes. One piece body huggers of a very slim material and a high cut would be excellent for avoiding this problem. Some even have waist shapers which will be much appreciated by those brides who wish to look svelte at their wedding.

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Standard Tips For Weddings

Coming out of pocket for more cash during your wedding can be a sobering idea for couples. Tipping vendors has become an issue that many wedding couples are split on. My thoughts were in line with this as well a few weeks before the wedding.

This all changed, however, when I sat down and realized how essential a piece our vendors were on the big day. Your vendors are capable of making this a great day, or a horrible day. Once I had this eye-opener, I came to the conclusion that tipping our vendors would assist in making our wedding day great.

Below I have the standard tips in the wedding industry. Have the best man, wedding director or a trusted friend give the tips in envelopes to your vendors on the big day.

As with all services, if you receive bad service, do not tip as much or do not tip at all to that vendor.

Standard Wedding Tipping Practices

Hair, Makeup & Nails: 15-20% of each service.

Delivery People: $10-$30 of every fee.

Officiant/Minister/Pastor/Priest/Clergy: $100-$200

Transportation: 15-20%

Musicians: $20-$25 for each person.

Disc Jockies: 15-20%

Photographer / Videographer: Optional, $20-$25 for exceptional service

Parking Attendants: $1-$2 per car for each valet worker

Coat Check Attendants / Bathroom Attendants: $1-$2 per guest

Wedding Coordinator/Consultant/Director/Planner: Optional, 10% for great service.

Florist/Wedding Cake Designer/Bridal Store: Tips are not expected for these services. A visit, phone call, or thank-you card to these vendors are all fantastic gestures.

Jennifer Todd is a professional writer for the wedding industry. She is connected to, an online retailer for and accessories.

Marriage Harley Davidson Wedding Invitations

Harley Davidson has been a classic theme for many years. Until recently the Harley Davidson wedding theme was not seen. Granted it is not a traditional style, but with the popularity why not? This classic theme has brought together thousands of couples, so they should have marriage Harley Davidson wedding invitations.

The bride and groom can now locate not only wedding invitations for their style but also the entire wedding theme. Several printers and wedding consultants have come to realize that many want Harley Davidson for their theme. Everyone wants a unique wedding and the marriage Harley Davidson wedding invitation is a great way to get started. The invitations are in the traditional style, but include different ribbons, bows and artwork. They may have the motorcycle in the background or other themed significance.

A good way that many couples have carried their theme is to include a photo of them on their motorcycle for their marriage Harley Davidson wedding invitation. The invitations give the hint and symbolize what is important in the couple’s life. That is what a wedding day is all about. The love shared by the couple. Many love to spend their days riding on their bike to different locations. This should be signified on their wedding invitation. What better way to divulge the couple’s story, than on the wedding invitation. Not only can they share their love with their guests it also provides a great way to signify their foundation. Many Harley lovers certainly love their spouse, but their second love is their hobby!

Marriage Harley Davidson wedding invitations are not in most of the stores as of yet, but with growing popularity it is believed that they will be soon. There are a variety of types of paper, color and styles that can be used for the invitation. Many couples have chosen to have their marriage Harley Davidson wedding invitation on a white background with the classic black typeset and an artwork of the famous motorcycle. The styling is up to you just as with the traditional wedding invitation.

Besides marriage Harley Davidson wedding invitations many couples have decided to follow the theme throughout the entire wedding. Many of the couples are suited in their riding gear and having group wedding photos around their motorcycles. Some wedding parties will go onto have the guests share their leather attire with sunglasses. Guests are to arrive on their motorcycles and the couple rides off into the sunset on their Harley! It is a great theme and now you can go all out with the theme with the customized marriage Harley Davidson wedding invitations.

Harley Davidson is a significant theme that everyone recognizes. The following of the motorcycles is huge and it is about time that the followers can share their love with those receiving the invitations. Too many couples have longed for the chance to send marriage Harley Davidson wedding invitations, but could not find them. Not any loner, they are available. Do not mistake the fact that the invitations are not formal. Many of these marriage Harley Davidson wedding invitations are handmade with the finest products. The invitations are very classy and signify a classic theme of a wedding.

4 Elegant Winter Wedding Favors

Author: Aaron Hu
Winter is a cold season but it also holds its own special and stark beauty. The entire world seems to be in a deep slumber waiting for the arrival of spring. The snows give a white and glistening splendor to a scenery that normally would seem mundane or even ugly. As a bride having your wedding in the winter you can bring the beauty of the season to your guests with winter wedding favors. These are favors that based on keys images and symbols of the season that will be sure to delight and impress your guests with their simple beauty and elegance. Here are some great example of elegant winter wedding favors.

Giving winter themed candles can be a great themed statement for your reception. They are a key item traditionally used during the winter months and have a lot of symbolism whether in old time domesticity and warmth or imagery tied to major winter holidays like Christmas. They are also quite versatile. Even the smallest candle can be a work of art becoming the canvas for winter scenery or being adorned with simple winter shapes such as snowflakes. Candles can also have other dimensions of interaction such as smell. There are many fragrant scented candles that have scents that mesh perfectly with the winter season.

A simple but elegant gift is bookmarks. They many not seem like month but the can act as both book adornments as well as simple place keepers. They are great when paired with other favors in a gift set. A great idea is to pair it with reading glasses, a booklight, and or other book related items. You can also get bookmarks in different types such as a thread bookmark or the old fashioned paper book mark.

Winter is a time when the harsher cold air can do damage to a person’s lips. A great favor idea is winter themed lip balm. These are great because rather than being just pretty collectible knick knacks, they are actually items that your guests can use in everyday life. This item will help tehm to protect their lips from chapping and at the same time remind them of the unforgettable good time they had at your nuptials. This is definitely one favor that your guests will appreciate and receive gladly

Winter themed wine sets are the perfect blend of artistic elegance and utility. These are two characteristics that are sure to be greatly appreciated by attendees. They are great for anyone who often serves wine when entertaining guests and need to open bottles and seal them over the course of the evening. They sets are well crafted and each adorned with a Snowflake to represent the Winter Season and weathers

For something simple but beautiful you can never go wrong with key chains such Angelic key chains and snow key chains. They match the winter theme perfectly and they also are effective at holding keys such as keys to the office cabinet or a car. They keys are perfect as they will serve as beautiful reminder of the ceremony and reception and will be sure to be a major item at your wedding. Each item does not weigh much and is quite inexpensive but their great looks will be sure to add the right touch to your wedding.

5 Ideas for a Unique Wedding Guest Book

If you are planning for a wedding in the near future one that that is often forgotten but is very important is the wedding guest book. This is vitally important to the wedding because it is one of the most important treasured memories that you will keep tucked away for a long time to come. It is a record of all the guests that have attended the wedding and there is no better way to remember a wonderful wedding then going through the wedding guest book and reading all the thoughtful comments that were left by guests.

Since this will become such a treasured memory you will want to pick a unique wedding guest book that you will enjoy pulling out. You will find some of the most popular but also most unique ideas for a wedding guest book in the article below.

Themed Wedding Guest book -

Often the first choice for most people is to tie the theme of the wedding in with the guest book. Since this is the first things that guests to the wedding will see it can be your first chance to plant the theme of the wedding in your guests minds. So this is not very shocking but if you have a fairy tale theme wedding with knights in shinning armor and a beautiful white horse etc. Then you will want to pick a wedding guest book that follows along with this magical fair tale theme.

Wedding Guest Book Platter -

For a very unique guest book you can use a specially made ceramic platter or plate. These are very fun alternatives that are very easy to display after the wedding in your home. There are many companies online that make these they are easy to find. However, they make for a unique wedding guest book that your guests are sure to remember.

Photo Wedding Guest Book -

These unique wedding guest books used to be done with Polaroid photos. In fact they still can be, however with digital cameras and small portable digital camera printers this can easily be modernized and updated. This is a very easy yet unique guest book that can create many fun memories of the wedding in a very visual way. Simply take a picture of the Bride and Groom with a digital camera. Print the photo and glue insert it into either a photo album or a regular guest book. They should then put a little message in the guest book to their guests. Something like "Thanks for coming to our wedding, it is a big special day for us and we hope you will enjoy it also." Then leave this out with a Polaroid or digital camera and enough film to ensure that everyone get a few chances to take pictures. As guests come in they can take their picture and place it into the guest book with a little message.

Puzzle Guest Book-

Yet another fun and very unique guest book idea. You can do this by taking a favorite picture of the couple before the big day and turning this into a large puzzle. There are many places online that can easily turn a photo into a large puzzle. Then assemble the puzzle

Monogrammed Wedding Guest Book-

This can add a touch of class to your wedding guest book. Have a custom made wedding guest book that has the monogram of the Bride and Groom.

These are just a few of the many ideas that you can use to make a creative and unique wedding guest book. The ideas are really endless and you can go for something simple to something unique and unusual. It is all up to you and you wedding theme.

Chris Ryerson is the owner of Best Guides Wedding A great resource for: wedding planning articles including wedding music, wedding favors, wedding gift and more. Read more on Wedding Guestbooks.

4 Bright and Cheerful Christmas Wedding Favors

Author: Aaron Hu
This winter many brides will be choosing to hold their nuptials. This is because the winter season is during the off season for weddings which normally peaks during the summer. This gives not only the dramatic scenery that winter can provide but also affordable options for decorations, venues, and of course, wedding favors. Winter wedding favors are items that match the theme of a winter wedding and also convey the thanks of the bride to attendees for coming to share her joy on her special day. Like other seasonal themes there are many variations that a Bride can do. One that is quite popular is holiday wedding favors. Christmas is the biggest winter holiday so many brides take the opportunity to use its joy and vibrancy as the theme of their wedding. Here are some great Christmas wedding favors.

Tree ornaments are always a must for holiday winter wedding gifts. They are great because many of them are quite affordable and the come in several designs so you can mix them up to give everyone something unique even if the guests list is over 100. Some great ornaments are the Snow Flurry Ornament or the single Snowflake ornament. Both are simple and elegant and will look well on any tree this Christmas. Ornaments are also great souvenirs. For many families, Tree Ornaments are not just there to adorn the tree but also keep record of important moments in the family’s life. Giving your attendee’s a tree ornament is a great way to include your wedding day as part of the special record of their lives

Another great item is festive Snow Cone Bath Salts. These are winter themed bath salts that are wrapped in festive red packaging. This gift will be especially popular with the ladies who enjoy aromatherapy and spa products. They can relax in soothing bath smelling of vanilla and peppermint and let worries and aches be washed away. Snow Cone Bath Salts are the kind of gift that will have guest singing your praises long after your wedding especially if they use them after coming in after a long hard day at work.

Holiday Candy jars are a great option for presenting candy favors to your guests. Christmas in one of the great candy holidays so it is natural to give candy as guest gifts. The candy tins with their cheerful holiday depiction up the presentation to another level and long after they have enjoyed the sweet treats you filled the candy jars with, they will be sure to keep the jar for other uses in the home. Whenever they enjoy using it they will be reminded of the wonderful time they had at your ceremony and reception.

You can also give your guests personalized holiday hot drink mixes. Everyone want to enjoy a warm cup of tea, coffee, or hot cocoa on a cold winter’s day or evening and you can give your attendees a cup of warm holiday cheer with these personalized mixes. You not only give them something delicious to drink but also a great souvenir of your wedding by personalizing the packet with the name of each guest and a short note of thanks from you and your groom. Personalized favors best represent the holiday sentiment of drawing nearer to our fellow human beings and will show your guests that you thought of them as you chose the gift.

Wedding Speeches - 10 Things To Say

1. Don't tell mother-in law jokes. There will usually be one or two mother-in-laws present and you could spoil the day by offending them. You never know what people will consider funny so its safer not to tell such jokes.

Learning about this subject will help you more in the long run than you may realize, until the time comes when you really need it.

2. Never tell dirty or rude stories. Take a alarm from the photographer who trapped on tape the father of the bride whipping the best man because he had blemished his daughters wedding by generous a cobalt discourse. The bride was crying in the background. filthy stories are not correct for an juncture where there is assorted circle particularly on a day when people are particularly touchy. also there may be clergy present or elderly people who would be shocked.

3. overlook the tutors unsavoury prior. Best men are regularly tempted to tell stories about what the tutor has done in his wicked prior. It might offend the bride still and it is safer to cite some fight where he baffled your luggage on holiday or knocked you out in a congenial football meet quite then citing his victory with other women.

4. Never thank the lodge workforce. They are rewarded to do this job and you don't thank the florist the take or the photographer for burden their work. If they do a good job remit a letter of credit or advise a particularly useful worker to the management if you desire.

As we take the journey through the final part of this article, you can look back at the first part if you need any clarifications on what we have already learned.

5. Don't give away family secrets by citing a sore issue like alcoholism or betting. Weddings discourses should be congenial and activist.

6. Never symposium about prior matrimony's. This is a new jerk for the fasten and prior matrimony's should not be cited. If the children of a prior matrimony will be present prove with the fasten whether or not they should be cited.

7. overlook motto And now I desire to thank and then give a long register. If there are people to be cited they should be bamboo into the wedding discourse by motto something ardent-hearted or witty about them.

8. Never say something that superstar moreover will be motto. The father of the bride traditionally toasts the fasten for example. If you are acting as best man or dialect in another space you should prove it with the fasten as to who is generous the toast to the bride ad tutor.

9. forever prove before citing a late family element. Some people might find it too mournful for you to do so on what should be a exultant day.

10. Don't go on too long. A good wedding discourse is about content not part.

Realment a discourse should be quick bequeath them craving for more So cut it quick They'll be shouting Encore.

The complexities of the subject matter within this article strive to give you a better look at what this subject is all about.

You can find more ideals that will help you with relieving stress from your wedding day Go to Wedding Favors or she could go to Wedding Gifts To get some great ideals for your wedding like a flagon for the spruce or a Money clip with his name impressed on the front. If you ought ideals for your rare Groomsmen Gifts go to My marriage

It is little things, such as this, that may aid you in your search. So, sit down and decide which avenue would be best for you to take.

Diversified & Attention-Grabbing Indian Wedding Dresses

Author: cx2009

Same different states, Indian wholesale wedding dresses are several as fantastic designs as a religious belief, cultures, and numerous regions of the country is great. In north India, more Indian

wholesale wedding dresses

are sure to be either red, which according to Indian custom ways fate, or green to symbolise richness. Even So, in the south part of conventional wholesale wedding dresses are normally produced from cream or bright coloured model integrated with dark colors for attending-grabbing public.

In direct contrast, other states, patterns Indian fashion of wholesale wedding dresses have not varied such in previous years. The wholesale wedding dresses utilized by special manner to meet the prerequisites of several religious and open-minded pretty brides. The fabric goes in silk satin, chiffon to banarsi, or a combining of two materials that splits fabrics Social Circus (scarf) from the dress. Almost popular and well-fashioned costumes include the following:

Sari-first select for most brides is Sari. It is a extended cloth that is covered about the body and gracefully in the air using his pes in waistcloth guaranteed installation. It is also wearing upon a shirt and wedding types as hard padded blouse is extended choker issues provide elbow room for putting in jewelries.

Gaghra Choli - The choli is gaghra incoming most popular among Indian wholesale wedding dresses lying of the full broadcast over long and short waistline-length blouse integrated with Cultural Carnival that commonly worn by pretty brides across the lead.

Salwar Kameez-After two other fashions, Shalwar is less kameez fit out brides dress. Maybe, this is due to its design easy in comparison with other wholesale wedding dresses. The kameez shalwar accepts a long tunic that covers the knees [known equally a kameez] that is worn complete a couple of trousers [well-known as shalwar]. Furthermore, a Social Circus has been added for this wholesale wedding dress, which the bride is to wearing on the head, neck, or across the chest if wanted. Since Social Circus is almost visual, architect establish high precedency to give the pattern more attractive look. Although, kameez shalwar is less famous among Indian wholesale wedding dresses, but these are fashioned with precious colours and designs as better as different clothing.

Indian wholesale wedding dresses are designed finely with complicated patches of work that established the models are complex, beading, successions, and strand. Those brides who belong to to precious families and their dressing or raised with brilliant or perfect gold to recognize the grandness of great chance. Moreover, the essential matching off necklaces, several earrings, Bangles and bunches of decorated ornamentation hair all adds over to illuminate the beauty of the wholesale wedding dress.

What Is The Best Color To Wear To A Wedding?

A wedding dress can be a complicated thing, if you are invited to a wedding. It should be a right choice of dress. The color of the wedding dress should fit the occasion and the current fashion.

Wedding clothes depend on the season. There are special clothes, if the wedding is held in the morning. Your wedding dress should be light colored and you should be a lot more conscious of the color of the dress you wear to a wedding. Men always plan to wear a suit, nice sports coat and slacks with tie. Women wear a neat dress, skirt or suit or can even opt for something comparatively colorful and floral.

For evening weddings, any dress can be worn for a nice dinner out. Men should wear suit and women should choose colored dresses such as skirts and elegant suits. It can be a darker with more sophisticated colors and fabrics that is chosen for a morning and afternoon weddings. Jewelry can be more and women can choose to carry a small evening bag rather than a purse.

There are dresses that indicate formality and informality of what to wear to a wedding. Some wedding invitation may demand casual attire. Casual attire with mild colors and high heels can be worn for second weddings and beach weddings. Women can also opt for casual attire, such as skirt or suit with flat shoes. Men can wear a black suit and slack with tie or without a tie. Casual wedding for men does not mean jeans and sports shoes.

Cocktail attire can be worn for an evening wedding with a little emphasis on sophistication. Women should wear appropriately that matches elegance and stylishness and should look modest and classic rather than sweet and pretty. Men should be in their dashing dresses and definitely not tuxedos.

Normally, wearing black to a wedding is not allowed. This has been a long outstanding tradition, which has been overturned now. Today even the bridesmaid wears black. If you prefer to wear a black color to a wedding make sure you wear some accessory like a scarf or a blazer in red or other colors. Plain black dress may look like you are standing in a funeral. Wearing white is the most popular color and best color to wear to a wedding. But the dress you wear should not outshine the bride's dress. If you plan to wear white choose carefully and accessories with other colors. And remember that the bride is the star of the day.

Are you looking for some wedding favors such as some bottle stoppers, unique favors, beach favors and more we got you covered.

We have some nice groomsmen gifts that will be great for the guys in your wedding.

The Importance of Wedding Shoes

A Wedding is one of the most important events in a couple's life. With this, it is important that they have the best outfit, wedding venue, menu and of course wedding shoes to complete the whole look. Aside from the other stuff, getting the best wedding shoes is very important especially for the bride.

Prior to the wedding, the bride is already feeling those pre-nuptial jitters. The last thing that the bride would like to happen is to feel very uncomfortable while walking along the aisle or worse, slip while walking.
Because of this, they are on the lookout for the most comfortable bride shoes for this very special day.

However, getting comfortable yet elegant shoes don't need be expensive. With all the financial problems these days, it is important for you not to exhaust all your resources to find the best looking shoes plus the comfort that you want to have. With this, here are the ways on how you will find the best yet cheap bride shoes.

No matter how good online shopping is and not to mention very convenient when it comes to comparing prices, it is still very important that you look in stores just in case. The reason for this is that you have to try out the shoes in order to feel if it is comfortable for you.

The good thing about malls is that you will find a lot of them that are offering discounts for bride shoes. In this way, you will get the most comfortable shoes that are also comfortable on your budget.

Aside from malls and department stores, you will also find a lot of local shops. They offer cheap shoes without sacrificing the quality of the shoes. They are only spending small amounts in maintaining the stores so they are selling shoes at a very cheap price.

You may also want to settle for non popular brands in buying the wedding shoes. Since they are not that popular, they are relatively cheaper compared to the designer ones. However, the designs still look very beautiful and will fit the overall look of your wedding gown.

Keep in mind that finding the right wedding shoes that will match the wedding gown don't need to be that expensive. As long as you will check out more stores, you will definitely find the ones that will fit your budget that will give you comfort while taking your memorable walk towards marriage.

If your looking for the best wedding shoes then look no further than The have a great variety for your needs.

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A Guide to Celebrating the 20th Wedding Anniversary

The 20th year wedding anniversary is one of the largest milestone anniversaries, and one that is well worth celebrating not only with your spouse and loved ones, but also with anyone in your life who wants to celebrate with you. As you celebrate this truly momentous occasion, you should be taking the time to reflect on the serious commitment that has been made to a lifetime of marriage between you and your spouse. Here is a guide to the ideas and symbols that are normally associated with the twentieth wedding anniversary. Planning a 20th year wedding anniversary is an event that should be taken seriously, and it has a lot more planning involved than simply throwing a celebratory party.

20th Anniversary Traditional Gifts: China is the traditional gift for the 20th wedding anniversary, as it is meant to symbolize the beauty, elegance and delicate nature of your love for one another over a period of the past twenty years.

20th Anniversary Modern or Contemporary Gifts: Platinum is the modern or contemporary choice for a 20th year wedding anniversary gift because it is strong and enduring in many of the same ways as your twenty year old marriage.

20th Anniversary Gemstone: The emerald is the traditional gemstone for celebrating the 20th year wedding anniversary, though yellow or golden diamonds are another available option.

20th Anniversary Color: The colors traditionally associated with the 20th year wedding anniversary are both emerald green and white.

20th Anniversary Flower: The flower normally associated with the 20th year wedding anniversary is the day lily. The meaning normally associated with the day lily is that of coquetry, including playful behavior toward your spouse and flirting.

Another opportunity available to you is to give a rose that is symbolic of this momentous occasion, the twentieth year anniversary. A few of the roses that you should consider include the China Doll rose, the Chinatown rose, the Weeping China Doll rose and the Precious Platinum rose.

There are a number of different ways that you can celebrate your twentieth year wedding anniversary. For example, you may want to consider planning an anniversary party that has a Chinese theme, possibly even making use of Chinese paper lanterns as part of the decorations. If you want to continue the China theme, you may consider planning a picnic using China glasses and plates rather than paper or Styrofoam. Take things to the next level by purchasing tickets to a concert, movie, sporting event or the theater and attend with your loved one. If you want to celebrate in style, which is recommended for this truly phenomenal wedding anniversary, you may even consider vacationing with your spouse to China or Hong Kong, where traditional China gifts can be purchased.

There are a variety of different gift ideas that you can consider when treating your spouse to a gift on your twentieth year wedding anniversary. Consider giving the gift of a Wedgwood china vase containing fresh day lilies or other flowers. You may also consider giving the gift of China plates, china baskets or China cake plates that match the style and décor of your home. If China kitchenware is not your style, China figurines or Chinese style figurines may make an excellent gift for your loved one. If China is not your style, there is always the option to choose platinum jewelry, as platinum is a contemporary gift choice for this particular wedding anniversary.

If you want to create a gift for your spouse rather than purchasing one, you may consider putting a piece of platinum and emerald jewelry, a single day lily, new paper money, love coupons and a love note in a China cup or China bowl, or otherwise combining small, beautiful gifts together in a simple way to show your most special loved one how much you care about them.

The twentieth year wedding anniversary is a large one, and traditionally is the anniversary where couples finally begin to include their friends and family in their celebrations. This does not mean that you cannot celebrate with one another privately, but to have reached twenty happy years with your husband or wife is certainly cause for a grand celebration.

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Suggestions For Children's Wedding Favors

At a recent family wedding there were a small number of children under the age of 7 years attending with their parents. The bride very cleverly included the children in the diy wedding favors made by herself.

At the table in front of the children's place cards where not only the traditional almonds in the love heart shapes in a silver box but also a clear plastic favor box in the shape of a teddy bear filled with dolly mixtures.

The place cards for the children where in fact a name tag wrapped around the napkin. They were placed inside a lovely wedding gift of a mug. A Disney cartoon figure on the front with the child's name written above the cartoon picture.

Squeals of delight were heard around the room as the children were also given bubbles as a wedding favors. Each child had a great time blowing bubbles to each other, eating the sweets after their dinner. They tried all night to drink as much juice as their parents would allow out of their now favourite mug.

Another wedding we attended the bride had given the children a glass with their name on the front and a funny cartoon figure. Inside the glass was filled with children's favourite sweets. The girls were given a cute little tradition bear which was personalised from the bride and groom. With the children's name, date of wedding and bride and grooms name. The boys were given little chocolate racing cars inside silver tankards

Kath Anderson is a writer for DIY Wedding Favors at
The original of this article can be found on My DIY Wedding Favors
Copyright 2009 - Kath Anderson. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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Titanium Wedding Ring- for the Future and Forever

Titanium Wedding Ring- for the Future and Forever

By: Sam Serio

You can say "forever" with just one ring - if you will make it a titanium wedding ring. "Forever" doesn't come with gold and a diamond, certainly - gold doesn't convey enough of the permanence the word was made to represent. Even if you leave the diamond for some other piece of jewelry - like a necklace, an earring or even a brooch, a single titanium wedding ring would speak of a lifetime commitment all on its own.

The chemical element Titanium (Ti) was named after the Titans, ancient mythological creatures who were more powerful than the Graeco-Roman gods. In fact, the Titans were supposed to have fathered some of the gods, who proceeded to grow in number. Think of titanium, then, as the father of all metals, which may be more popular than titanium... but at the same time inferior in integrity and strength.

The metal titanium is corrosion-resistant, even against salt water and chlorine, which wear away most other metals. Titanium also has a high melting point, which means it can withstand high temperatures and drastic weather changes without becoming tarnished or misshapen. For this reason, titanium is not generated by ordinary casting methods, but by powder metallurgy. It is also often used as a refractory metal. The supremely resistant properties of the element would make a titanium wedding ring basically indestructible.

In fact titanium is used for a variety of beauty and health care products. Some of the best eyewear in the world, for example, are made of titanium. These can be very expensive, but buyers will agree: the lifetime guarantee that comes with owning a titanium eyepiece is well worth every penny.

Zirconium is very similar in composition to titanium, hence zirconium-titanium combinations are used for many pieces of jewelry. A zirconium gemstone would make an attractive set for a titanium wedding ring, as its look is very similar to that of the diamond. In fact, the oxide of zirconium is processed to create the cubic zirconia, which creates the diamond.

Moreover, the titanium metal used for jewelry is hypoallergenic. Platinum and white gold are two other favorite choices for metals for the same reason. But if you're shopping around for the best metals for a special gift, you just can't go wrong with the strongest and most durable.

Many have said that titanium shapes the future of art. In fact a 150-foot (45 m) statue of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, was made in Moscow, entirely of titanium! The ones who made the statue, as well as the ones who have gazed up at it, have no doubt that it will last forever. Your titanium wedding ring will certainly survive as long, and look no further if you want to prove that your love was made to last for all time.

Author Resource:-> Sam Serio is a musician, a writer, and Dad. For more on jewelry and gemstones, visit MORNINGLIGHTJEWELRY to get your FREE copy of "How To Buy Jewelry And Gemstones Without Being Ripped Off." Get your FREE report at

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33 Wedding Glam Ideas


Movie divas of yesteryear like Ava, Marilyn and Mariene epitomized glamour at it's best! From coffered hair to scarlet drawn lips and sexy lined cat eyes, the makeup was I feminine, sensual and attention-grabbing all at the same time.

Strong glamorous makeup needs no distraction! Pull hair away from the face and slick it back into a stylish chignon or twisted into beautiful bun. Keep stray hair in place with lots of hair shine and hairspray.

If you prefer leaving your long locks down, make sure you have a big hair do that will capture everyone's attention. For more drama, get your stylist to add loose curls with lots of volume. To finish, add a spray of crystals or glitter to your hair for some star-quality.

Do away with the tiaras and flowers in your sleek bun or chignon and get long hair pins and clips. Choose long stick-like hair pins with dangling jewels or cloisonné designs. It's classic bridal beauty with an exotic touch. For something with more sparkle, a diamond brooch or tiara would be perfect.

The new Guerlain L'OR Radiance Concentrate with pure gold makeup base gives a shimmering gold radiance when applied on the face. You can use it sparingly for a more subtle glow or intensively on focused areas for a sexy highlight. Available from Gurlain counters.

Depending on your colour theme, why not add touches of gleaming metallic colour to your makeup palette. Remember not to over do it; tiny accents of shiny colour brightens any look. Focus on the eyes and eyelids; for lips, a sparkly red sheen adds fullness and sexiness

Get instant cheekbones and achieve the super sexy model look using Benefit's High Beam. Just dab on the luxurious silver-pink liquid for subtle highlights on cheekbones and a slim nose effect. Available from Benefit counters.

Play it up with dramatic diamante false lashes, Shu Uemura Tokyo Lash Bar has a large selection of stylish eyelashes that's perfect for creating that dazzling flutter. Illuminate eyes with a Swarovski crystal lash set or keep it subtle with metallic silver strands of lower eyelashes. You can even customize your own couture lashes for the personalize touch.

Forget pretty trinkets that are neither here nor there. If you are wearing a shoulder baring gown, go for multi-strands pearl or crystal chokers with dramatic pendants, for V-shaped, low back or scalloped necklines, long glittering strands looped in layers are elegant and add a dash of old world romance. To match simple sheaths, drape luxurious gems all over. You can a also try bigger pieces on your arms, waist and shoulders.

More designers are lining their gowns with trims beyond laces and frills. Feathers (short and long) are dramatic accents if used at the right places: along the hems of tiered skirts or as an embellishment to scattered crystal beading. Feathered shawls or even a feather boa instantly ups the glam factor too. To complete the look, get a hat designer to create a dramatic headgear with striking colored feathers.

The higher the better. Forget low flats or stumpy heels. Glamour looks demand glamorously high stilettos. Super high heels are the perfect fit for gowns with long trains. Opt for diamante or crystal trimmed designs ion silver or gold leather.

Choose a stylish satin clutch to complement to your glamorous evening or bridal gown. The clutch is fashionable and perfect for storing makeup essentials too.

While a long veil is nice, give it a modern touch by having your pouf cropped at shoulder-length and secured tightly in place by a crystal studded headband. You can also ask your bridal designer to embroidery sequins or diamantes all over your veil. It gives a dazzling effect that appears as if you have sparkling gems scattered all over your head.

Gorgeous manicured nails are a must. Choose a bright dazzling colour with glitter or a sheen to match your evening gown or bridal theme. If you must have French manicured nails, opt for a coloured tip in gold or silver instead of the usual white. It's more edgy and classy.

Tiny posies are dainty and pretty, for something glamorous, have a bigger bouquet and wrap your stems with jewelry or luce satin ribbons for a dramatic appeal.


Glamorous styles mean sultry, fluid lines that fit and slide over every curve. Mermaid of corseted sheaths with esra long trains are perfect styles. A low back or a plunging deep V-neckline showcasing glittering diamond necklaces are stunning attention-grabbers while short dresses dressed with glittering tassels or gold and silver lace and beadwork is a sure hit anytime.

Dress up your simple slinky gown with lush flamboyant shawls. Or do what john Galliano did in his past collections for Christian Dior: He used a Chinese embroidered sil shawls as part of a stunning evening gown.

For some star glamour, get your brial posse dressed in gold dresses or hints of gold (like gold sashes, headbands, ties, flowers or cuffs). It'll be impressive and stunning.


Besides a colour theme like scarlet red or gold, think sparkling embellishments you can use to dress up staid settings. Sequins and shiny beaded strands can be used to decorate candleholders, floral centerpieces and even plate settings. Just get the right hue to match your colour theme ie. Silver with white or pink, gold with red or green.

Forget pretty, tiny flowers. For more impact, large luscious blooms and oversized leaved and ferns add more colour and drama to any wedding venue or setting. You can also opt for multi-tiered floral arrangements that help fill up bigger spaces. Whether it's multi-hued or a single striking colour, these towering arrangements may be all you need for a glamorous setting.oh

The formal sit-down banquet dinners are overdone. For a stylish celebration, have a fancy buffet spread with bite-size treats, elegant canapés, classy table decorations and bubbly champagne. To add to the festive ambience, opt for on-the-spot fresh cooking of special dishes. This can cost much less than the usual banquet as well.

Dine like the rich and famous royal families. Instead of round banquet tables, opt for long rectangular tables that stretch along the length of the ballroom. It exudes a sense of grandeur and splendor.

Instead of the traditional bride and groom figurines or flower display, why not top your cake with a spectacular jeweled monogram. You can also design your own topper using wire and accented with crystals, glass beads or rhinestones for added glitter and glamour.

Perfect for an all-adult bridal celebration. Have an open interactive bar packed with various fruits and liqueur flavors. Your guests will have fun creating their own cocktails and mixes. You can even provide a recipe menu at the side. Serve in wide-mouth glasses for a modern touch.

Lights are attractive and alluring and great for a stunning celebration. String fairy lights all around the room for more glam sparkle.

Square and circular cake shapes are a yawn. Try a hexagonal design or mix square and circle tiers together for a unique appeal. For the more adventurous, you can design your cake according to your theme such as having a tall magnificent castle cake for a princess wedding or a large sailboat design for a nautical theme.

Chinese silk fabrics are rich and lush. You can have red accents in your settings or use Chinese embroidery skills for table clothes or drapes. Don't forget the lacquered paper fans and chopsticks as wedding favors.

Create the magnificent atmosphere of a lavish tent by draping long pieces of solid gold, silver or ruby coloured cloth outward from the centre of the ceiling with the lavish chandeliers hanging above.

For the evening celebration, have you guests wave sparklers around during your march in. Or, you can have the sparklers stuck onto your wedding cake and have them lighted before the cake cutting ceremony.

Instead of having the waiters do a grand march in when serving the first dish, get them to do a cake parade and serve each table individual 10 inch bridal cakes. Induce a variety of designs and cake flavours.


Brides wearing a cheongsam or chino inspired evening gown can carry a chic hand-painted Chinese paper fan rather than the usual bouquet of flowers. If you're having your wedding outdoors, you can even carry a lovely hand-painted oriental paper umbrella to shade yourself. They also make for great favours.

Rather than have your guest come up with their own red packet, design your own stylish version and slip it in together with your invitation card. Or, you can create a wedding gift envelop and send it together with the invitation. It's also a great way to hint that monetary gifts are preferred.

Play around with font, paper, prints and texture (use brocade, sequins, ribbons, diamantes, crystals silk) to create a glamorous invitation card. It'll definitely give your guests a peek into what to expect at your wedding

Picking Wedding Music

Picking Wedding Music

By: Charles Cox

So you have exchanged vows, and have said your I dos, now it is now time to head out to the reception and party like you have never partied before. If you want live music playing in your reception, then you would want to hire a live band. But first, you must check with people that rent the venue where you are going to hold your reception, to see what type of live music they allow. Some venues have stringent restrictions when it comes to live music.

The type of music that you choose to play in your wedding should be an expression of both the bride and groom personalities, personal taste, and the overall theme of the wedding.

It is important to select the right music, because the music will become a pervading presence all through out the wedding, and right down to the reception. Music creates an atmosphere. It will set the mood of your wedding.

During the wedding itself, the choice of music usually depends on the wedding. Most church ceremonies do not allow secular music. They stick to more traditional, or religious music. A man and a woman duet is usually sung during the ceremony. A church organist usually provides the majority of the music.

For the reception, the bride and groom has a choice of recorded music, or live music. If you opt for recorded music, it would be best to hire the services of a DJ. The best thing about this, is you can request to have all of your favorite songs in the playlist. Ask your friends if they know any good DJs that are willing to play for wedding receptions. If they do not know any, you could always just search the yellow pages, internet, or even contact your local radio station.

Once you have settled on a DJ, have a one on one discussion with the DJ. Just to explain what type of entertainment and mood you want to have during the reception. Also discuss, the selection of music that you have in mind. Ask if the DJ is familiar with wedding protocol. If not, you might want to brief the DJ first about the sensibility of the event.

On the other hand, choosing live music offers you a choice of hiring a band, soloist, instrumentalists, jazz group, etc. It all depends on what kind of theme you have in mind for you wedding.

For more formal weddings, classical groups, piano soloists, and instrumentalists are more appropriate. It would not be a bad idea, to also consider the sensibilities of your guests, to ensure that everyone has a good time!

If you want to have a rocking good time for the reception of your wedding, then hiring a band is the way to go! The energy of a live band gets people going. There is nothing else that spells a rocking good time better, than a rock and roll band.

Before hiring a band, ask them if you could listen to their music first. This will help you decide if that particular band is just right for you. Also discuss, if the band will do emcee duties, as well as provide the music.

It is best to hire a band that has had previous experience with wedding receptions. This way, they would know what to expect, and will be able to provide the proper entertainment that is fitting for the occasion.

You always want to keep the music going, so include some background music even when the meals are being served, or when the bride and groom are doing their rounds of greeting, having their pictures taken, etc. This will also maintenance the atmosphere of the wedding all through out the reception. So choose wisely, because your choice of music can make or break this occasion!

Author Resource:-> C.S.Cox has published many ebooks including new "Wedding Planning Guides" designed for those desiring to plan the perfect wedding at a fraction of the cost. Find out more about the Wedding Planning Guidesat

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Things to Remember to Enjoy the Best Wedding Makeup

Most women would consider their wedding day as the most special day in their lives. It is probably the only day when they have undivided attention of everyone who is near and dear to them. For a bride, the wedding day completely belongs to them and them only. Of course being such an important day, it brings with it a lot of pressure for the bride to be. One of the pressures is to look good. As a bride, everyone's eyes are on you all the time and hence most women go through a lot of stress and worry about looking their best. Not just that, but a lot of women go crazy trying to ensure they have the best makeup on for their wedding.

While wanting to look your best is quite natural, there is no need to stress over it. In fact, the more you worry, the less likely you will end up looking your best on your special day. Just like with everything else in life, if you do the basics right, then everything else will fall into place. Wedding makeup is no different. All you have to do is remember a few things and follow it properly.

First thing you need to know is that usually preparation for your wedding makeup starts as much as three months in advance. We already know that having healthy skin is the best foundation for any makeup. Hence you need to start treating your skin well before you move to the next step. Most experts will advise you to start light exercises few months in advance. This is quite good advice as a healthy body will automatically reflect on your face. Apart from regular exercises, you also need to take plenty of water and make sure you avoid harsh environments like staying out in the sun too much. Make sure you use a moisturizer regularly and also clean your face with a light face wash twice a day.

Once you got the healthy skin aspect going well, you need to start thinking about your makeup. This is the time you start talking to your makeup artist. If you do not have a makeup artist yet, this would be a good time to look for one. You need to zero in on your makeup artist and start talking to them about your wedding day makeup. There are a number of things you need to go over with them before actually finalizing the makeup for the special day.

First thing you should go over with them is your personality. Now this might sound strange, but remember, your wedding is your special day. It's the day when your uniqueness and personality should come out and reflect on your face. Why should you look like just anyone else on your wedding? Of course this does not mean you go overboard and do something totally crazy just to look different. Just talk with your makeup artist on who you are as a person and they will be able to come up with various ideas for the wedding makeup.

The next thing to go through with your makeup artist is what you are expecting at your wedding. If you are the types who might cry on your wedding, your makeup should be such that does not get spoiled with a few tears. It should allow you to express your emotions freely without having to worry how you look. Not just that but you need to keep other things in mind like if you are kissing a lot of people at your wedding, your lipstick should not start fading away. Similarly any interaction with wedding guests should not affect the makeup. You need to also check the environment at the place you are getting married. Is it humid, is it near a beach, is it in a church or an outdoor lawn etc. The environment you are on affects your makeup and hence this should also be discussed with your makeup artist well before the wedding.

As mentioned in the start of this article, you just need to keep these few things in mind and not stress unnecessarily about your makeup. If you are calm, keep yourself healthy and talk to your makeup artist about everything mentioned above, you yourself might be surprised by the final result.

Nicole Lundy is a professional new jersey makeup artist specializing in weddings, photoshoots, red carpet, headshots and is also the founder of NeLani Cosmetics and Skincare. For more information on her, please visit

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When Planning Your Wedding - Don't Forget The Lingerie!

When Planning Your Wedding - Don't Forget The Lingerie!

By: Gregg Hall

For most new couples the honeymoon is looked forward to at least as much as the wedding, maybe more. We look to this day as a once in a lifetime event and it should be treated with that kind of reverence. If we look at it this way then we should realize that the choice of sexy lingerie and underwear should be just as important as choosing a wedding dress and it isn't just for the honeymoon but you should have it on underneath your wedding gown as well.

This is your day to go all out and make yourself look and feel as sexy and beautiful as possible. There are huge selections of bridal lingerie available in varied styles, colors, and sizes, especially bridal bustiers and corsets designed to enhance and support underneath the wedding gown while flattering the wedding dress you have chosen.

You should choose your wedding dress first, once you have done this now it's time to go lingerie shopping! Remember, this is a special day. The lingerie and underwear you choose should reflect this. You also want to be sure that the bridal lingerie you choose goes along with the wedding dress. If you have a low cut back on your dress you want to be sure that the corset does not come above it.

If you are going with a strapless or off the shoulder wedding dress you will probably want to go with a bustier to really show off the dress as well as yourself! A bustier will be much more supportive, wrapping around your body and pushing up your breasts. You will definitely want to make this your choice if you are full figured or wearing a low cut back. If your dress is backless you will probably want to go with an adhesive bra though I don't recommend it if you are large up top!

For panties you will want something that fits close to the body and if you have a tight fitting gown you may want to consider a thong. Remember you don't want any panty lines.

Don't skimp on the hosiery. You should choose a very high quality set of hosiery that will not be prone to snagging or tearing and at the same time is very complimentary to the dress.

Don't hold back, go all out and make your wedding day a special one.

Author Resource:-> Gregg Hall is a business consultant and author for many online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida with his 16 year old son. Get sexy bridal lingerie from

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