Suggestions For Children's Wedding Favors

At a recent family wedding there were a small number of children under the age of 7 years attending with their parents. The bride very cleverly included the children in the diy wedding favors made by herself.

At the table in front of the children's place cards where not only the traditional almonds in the love heart shapes in a silver box but also a clear plastic favor box in the shape of a teddy bear filled with dolly mixtures.

The place cards for the children where in fact a name tag wrapped around the napkin. They were placed inside a lovely wedding gift of a mug. A Disney cartoon figure on the front with the child's name written above the cartoon picture.

Squeals of delight were heard around the room as the children were also given bubbles as a wedding favors. Each child had a great time blowing bubbles to each other, eating the sweets after their dinner. They tried all night to drink as much juice as their parents would allow out of their now favourite mug.

Another wedding we attended the bride had given the children a glass with their name on the front and a funny cartoon figure. Inside the glass was filled with children's favourite sweets. The girls were given a cute little tradition bear which was personalised from the bride and groom. With the children's name, date of wedding and bride and grooms name. The boys were given little chocolate racing cars inside silver tankards

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