Wedding Dresses: Choosing The Best Style For Your Personality

“There is something about a wedding gown prettier than any other gown in the world.”

-Douglas Jerrod, 1859

Your wedding dress will say a lot about your personal style. It is a statement about you, your tastes and your personality, so you need to get it right. Throughout your wedding planning you will make choices about where to get married through to the type of wedding favors you hand out. All of this decision making will create the backdrop to the two things that your guests will notice the most - you and your wedding dress.

Determining your wedding personality will help you make most of these decisions which can be difficult at the best of times. For most brides, their wedding persona will be a close match to their everyday persona and their weddings will be likewise. However, there are those who will seek to reinvent themselves just for their wedding and go for something completely different. Well, it is your wedding day after all

So to find your wedding personality read through the four descriptions below to find the one which best suits you:

The Romantic Bride:

The romantic bride has been dreaming of her wedding ever since she was a little girl and she has big fairy-tale sized aspirations. You want a church filled with flowers or a beautiful garden setting; your dress will be typically feminine and full of pretty details. Your chosen wedding color will most probably be pink

The romantic bride can choose to make her wedding as formal and traditional or as laid back and casual as she likes, as long as it is oozing with romance. Your choice of wedding dress will be traditional with lots of lace and ruffles and will probably have the ‘Cinderella’ look about it with a strapless bodice, long train and veil.

The romantic bride may also choose beautiful tulle dresses with delicate details or maybe lean towards an historical inspired gown from the Renaissance or Edwardian eras.

The Natural Bride:

For the natural bride a relaxed look is key. The wedding will probably take place outdoors, a beach or parkland setting perhaps. A natural bride will want to appear comfortable and her wedding dress will probably be simple and pure.

Natural brides will have a tendency to shy away from formal weddings; they make them nervous and instead will opt for a semi-formal affair. Their wedding dress will be simple, lightweight and with minimal details. Because comfort is paramount they will also put their prospective gown through it’s paces before buying; considering how easy it is to walk, dance, hug and bend in, before placing a deposit

The Classic Bride:

The classic bride will err on the side of caution; her wedding will be formal or semi-formal, conservative and full of tradition. For her a wedding dress should be elegant, tasteful and timeless. Her chosen color will probably be white and the dress will feature a fitted bodice, an a-line skirt with a chapel train and minimal detailing such as a subtle lace trim and some scattered pearls.

She will choose silk or satin over tulle and chiffon and is quite likely to be dusting off her mother’s or grandmothers dress for her big day

The Drama Queen Bride:

The classic drama queen will see her wedding as a classy affair, probably held in the evening with top class catering in a five star hotel. Her choice of dress will be contemporary, avant-garde and above all stylish - she has to be noticed! Her wedding dress would be considered a risk by others but the drama queen has a closet full of risks and they normally pay off.

Because she is more daring than most her wedding dress will most likely be a strapless, backless design. She will probably look at mermaid or trumpet gowns, with elaborate detailing such as lace, sequins and crystal beading.

Georgina Clatworthy is a dedicated full time writer who composes informative articles related to wedding favors and wedding. She is connected with 1WeddingSource, today’s leading wedding social networking planning site.

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Georgina Clatworthy is a dedicated full time writer who composes informative articles related to wedding favors and wedding. She is connected with , today’s leading wedding social networking planning site.