4 Elegant Winter Wedding Favors

Author: Aaron Hu
Winter is a cold season but it also holds its own special and stark beauty. The entire world seems to be in a deep slumber waiting for the arrival of spring. The snows give a white and glistening splendor to a scenery that normally would seem mundane or even ugly. As a bride having your wedding in the winter you can bring the beauty of the season to your guests with winter wedding favors. These are favors that based on keys images and symbols of the season that will be sure to delight and impress your guests with their simple beauty and elegance. Here are some great example of elegant winter wedding favors.

Giving winter themed candles can be a great themed statement for your reception. They are a key item traditionally used during the winter months and have a lot of symbolism whether in old time domesticity and warmth or imagery tied to major winter holidays like Christmas. They are also quite versatile. Even the smallest candle can be a work of art becoming the canvas for winter scenery or being adorned with simple winter shapes such as snowflakes. Candles can also have other dimensions of interaction such as smell. There are many fragrant scented candles that have scents that mesh perfectly with the winter season.

A simple but elegant gift is bookmarks. They many not seem like month but the can act as both book adornments as well as simple place keepers. They are great when paired with other favors in a gift set. A great idea is to pair it with reading glasses, a booklight, and or other book related items. You can also get bookmarks in different types such as a thread bookmark or the old fashioned paper book mark.

Winter is a time when the harsher cold air can do damage to a person’s lips. A great favor idea is winter themed lip balm. These are great because rather than being just pretty collectible knick knacks, they are actually items that your guests can use in everyday life. This item will help tehm to protect their lips from chapping and at the same time remind them of the unforgettable good time they had at your nuptials. This is definitely one favor that your guests will appreciate and receive gladly

Winter themed wine sets are the perfect blend of artistic elegance and utility. These are two characteristics that are sure to be greatly appreciated by attendees. They are great for anyone who often serves wine when entertaining guests and need to open bottles and seal them over the course of the evening. They sets are well crafted and each adorned with a Snowflake to represent the Winter Season and weathers

For something simple but beautiful you can never go wrong with key chains such Angelic key chains and snow key chains. They match the winter theme perfectly and they also are effective at holding keys such as keys to the office cabinet or a car. They keys are perfect as they will serve as beautiful reminder of the ceremony and reception and will be sure to be a major item at your wedding. Each item does not weigh much and is quite inexpensive but their great looks will be sure to add the right touch to your wedding.