Standard Tips For Weddings

Coming out of pocket for more cash during your wedding can be a sobering idea for couples. Tipping vendors has become an issue that many wedding couples are split on. My thoughts were in line with this as well a few weeks before the wedding.

This all changed, however, when I sat down and realized how essential a piece our vendors were on the big day. Your vendors are capable of making this a great day, or a horrible day. Once I had this eye-opener, I came to the conclusion that tipping our vendors would assist in making our wedding day great.

Below I have the standard tips in the wedding industry. Have the best man, wedding director or a trusted friend give the tips in envelopes to your vendors on the big day.

As with all services, if you receive bad service, do not tip as much or do not tip at all to that vendor.

Standard Wedding Tipping Practices

Hair, Makeup & Nails: 15-20% of each service.

Delivery People: $10-$30 of every fee.

Officiant/Minister/Pastor/Priest/Clergy: $100-$200

Transportation: 15-20%

Musicians: $20-$25 for each person.

Disc Jockies: 15-20%

Photographer / Videographer: Optional, $20-$25 for exceptional service

Parking Attendants: $1-$2 per car for each valet worker

Coat Check Attendants / Bathroom Attendants: $1-$2 per guest

Wedding Coordinator/Consultant/Director/Planner: Optional, 10% for great service.

Florist/Wedding Cake Designer/Bridal Store: Tips are not expected for these services. A visit, phone call, or thank-you card to these vendors are all fantastic gestures.

Jennifer Todd is a professional writer for the wedding industry. She is connected to, an online retailer for and accessories.