What You Should Wear to a Wedding - Rules and Traditions

One constant thing in our surroundings is change. It is because of unswerving transformation that so many developments are made. Wedding outfits have also been gone through the same change process. Currently, there are endless designs and styles of wedding dresses available in the market. You can find the traditional as well as the modern wedding outfits.

As the first rule, the outfit you select for some wedding highly depends upon the place where the wedding has to take place. Nowadays, people hold weddings in a variety of places such as the Churches, beaches, wedding halls etc. Therefore, the dress you select for one place will not necessarily be appropriate for another. Therefore, try to get the details after receiving the invitation because it will help you to select your dresses for that particular wedding.

Traditionally, if a wedding will be held in the daytime, it will require different clothing from the one which takes place in the evening, because the timings certainly influence the selection of colour, style, and accessories. If a wedding is in Church, women should dress up in a way that their shoulders and knees are properly covered. As it is a religious place, it requires you to dress up with modesty.

On the other hand, if a wedding is to be held on a beach, you will wear any stylish dress, which does not have to be too formal. In case, after attending a church wedding, you have to go for a reception organised at some other place, then you can use a jacket, coat, or wrap.

Women have a great range of wedding outfits from which they can select what they want to dress in. Just go to any designer's shop, and see the ceaseless assortment of dresses. You can select a short dress or even a suit for an informal or semi-formal daytime wedding event. You can wear cocktail dresses for an informal or semi formal evening weddings.

However, if the wedding requires formal dressing and is held during the daytime, a short dress or suit is suitable. In addition to a hat or gloves can also be used. A long outfit can be worn for evening weddings, which as a tradition, calls you to dress up formally. Along with other accessories, you need to use jewellery to perfect your look. You should avoid black or full white for daytime wedding events.

Men also are now very choosy about their dressing. A dress shirt and pant along with a casual jacket is most frequently used outfit for daytime informal weddings occasions. For an informal evening wedding, the best option is a suit. Men can put on a dark suit with tie for formal day and night time weddings.

Besides these traditions of wedding clothing, your personal choice certainly needs to be considered while choosing an outfit for a wedding. However, it should still not be too alien and must complement the occasion so that you do not look weird amongst the crowd.

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