Simple Wedding Day Makeup Tips

Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day. However, almost all the brides are having their first wedding and they have totally no experience in wedding day makeup.

Instead of hiring expensive wedding planners and beauty consultants, try the following wedding day makeup tips.

A few weeks before the wedding, try experimenting with the makeup effect. To get the most experience out of this, take a photo before you applied the makeup and after the makeup is applied.

Take each shot with flash and without flash to check out on the photo finishing.

From the photos, learn where you need to improve and by then week before your wedding, you will be an wedding day makeup expert!

In wedding shoots, almost every shot from the camera emits flash and they are glaring. Thus ensure that you do not apply a white foundation as in photos, your face will appear white. To counter this issue, use a non-white foundation, preferably yellow.

Pop your cheeks with doses of pink, the pink works wonders in photographs.

Do not focus on the face itself only. Use foundation on other areas surrounding the face, such as ears, neck and chest area so that the effect is much more natural.

Blend both the face and surrounding area with a concealer shade and ensure that the color is similar.

For the eye liner, use a water-resistant version. As on wedding days, brides usually give out tears of joy constantly. Do remember any makeup related to the eyes and eyebrows must be water resistant.

If a breakout occurs before your wedding day, leave it alone and wash with plain water. The spots are better off healing themselves.

For your lips, fill with lip pencil to have your wedding lips makeup color last longer before applying the lipsticks.

If your lips are small and thin, go with light colors while fuller lips could use a deeper shade. Keep to the matt effect instead of glossy effect for better wedding photo shots. If matt is not to your preference, stick to soft glossy look effect.

Always carry a touch up kit with concealer, lipstick, liner, tissues and mints. Yes mints, you do not want to be known as the cinderella with dinosaur's breathe.

Lastly, ensure that on the day before the actual day, every item in your wedding day makeup box existed and have enough quantity. You do not want to your efforts to go down the drain by not having enough quantity to be used on the actual day.

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