You Are Cordially Obligated? Sussing Out Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Inviting people to your wedding tends to be one of the most difficult part of the planning a wedding. Unlike the traditional weddings where everyone was invited, modern weddings have a restriction on the amount of guests you invite. You should make sure that you make a point to incorporate all your friends from all levels.

Since not everyone can come just make sure that a particular group is represented, from workmates to relatives. However, you should be very selective when making your pick. Choose a person because you want them to be there and not because you think you owe them an invitation. The following are the does and don’ts of selecting guests for your wedding from various sectors of your life to ensure that your wedding is an experience to remember.

Workplace Friends

This is one of the most difficult pick of them all. When you are inviting workmates, only choose those who you have become great friends with. If you don’t intend on inviting the others, don’t invite them to any of your wedding related ceremonies such as the pre wedding dinner. Keep your professionalism at the workplace and keep the weddings details to yourself. Don’t spread word round the office about how heavenly your wedding will be when you know very well not everyone is invited to attend. The wedding takes just a day and you will still go back to the office.


Although you would want to have your whole extended family there with you, you have a limit. First of all, invite your basic family, then your godparents and grandparents. Then invite your uncles and aunts. However, only send the invitation to those relatives who you keep close contact with or you see frequently. Don’t feel obliged to send an invitation to all relatives some of whom you don’t even know. This usually tends to be wastage of invitation cards since most of them don’t show up.

Long time friends

These are the friends who you grew up with and they know you inside out. Only invite those friends who you have good relations with and have kept contact even though miles apart. Friendships can sometimes be a rocky ride but a wedding ceremony should not be reconciliation ground. It is a time to enjoy and to appreciate people for what they have done for you and not a time to open Pandora’s Box.

Past spouses or boyfriends

Many people feel the urge of inviting past partners in a bid to make them jealous and to show off on how well they are doing. Most of the time, this approach backfires since some of them have not fully gotten over what happened and may decide to cause a scene. We all want to revenge for past mistakes done but it should not cost you your wedding. Only invite those past partners you know have moved on and are mature enough to handle such a situation.

With this in mind, you can now comfortably choose who should and should not grace your wedding with their presence.

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