Wedding Reception Mistakes to Avoid

You want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch when you are planning your wedding reception. It should be a fun time that you can look back on with fondness; after all, it is a party celebrating your wedding. Too many times a reception is memorable but for all the wrong reasons. Mistakes made during the planning phase can prove disastrous. Below are a few common mistakes you will want to avoid when planning your special wedding reception. When you avoid these mistakes, you will have the best wedding reception possible and everyone will have a great time.

Mistake-1- Late Arrival- Many brides make the mistake of being late to their own wedding reception venue. Guests tend to find this rude and frustrating because they are unable to eat until you get there and some may have skipped a meal in preparation for your reception. Hunger does not a gracious guest make, and they will likely be in grumpy mood. Organize things like the photography session so that you do not arrive late to the reception.

Mistake-2- Early departure- Arriving late at the wedding reception venue is a common mistake but so is leaving too early. It is to be expected that you are anxious to run off with your new spouse and start your honeymoon but you should remember that these are your guests. Many family members and friends may have driven a long way just to spend your special day with you and you should make some time to spend with them, you will have your spouse for many years to come so don't be in a hurry to leave.

Mistake-3- Becoming Intoxicated- No one really plans to get inebriated at their wedding reception, however a long day with little time to eat and free flowing wine or champagne is a recipe for disaster. You may become drunk easily if you are not careful. Take it easy on the alcohol; your loved ones did not come to see you get drunk. Be classy and only have a drink or two then drinks with your new husband later.

Mistake- 4- Music Selection- When planning a wedding reception brides often make the mistake of only choosing one kind of music to play. Some may opt for the traditional music that brides have been playing for years, but that can come off as a tad boring. Bring some originality to the table and have a diverse sampling of music for your wedding reception. You are going to have many people at your reception and chances are good that they will all have a different taste in music, so offer a little something for everyone.

Mistake- 5- Number of Tables- You does not want to make the mistake of not having enough tables at your reception. It is easy to be short sighted when determining how many tables you will need. Many brides forget that they will need tables for food, gifts and the entertainment. It is better to have a table or too many than too few.

Your reception will be a smashing success if you avoid these common wedding planning mistakes. You and all your guests can have the time of your life when you take the time to plan everything carefully and avoid these blunders!

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