Your Wedding: Preparing for your big day

If you ask most Women what the biggest and most important day in her adult life has been, chances are, very close to the top of that list would be her Wedding day. A wedding day is truly every woman's dream day where she is able to look like a Princess, be treated like a Queen, and be joined in Holy Matrimony with her Prince Charming, center stage, in front of all of her loved ones. The amount of planning, time, and money that goes into creating such a celebratory situation can sometimes be overwhelming and over the top - when one is planning her day as a Princess, perfection is crucial! So naturally, aside from decorations and catering, every Woman will want to look her absolute best for her Wedding Day!

From Dress sizing to Makeup, looking her best for her Wedding and Engagement photos is going to be a prime concern for every Woman. Being able to bring those gorgeous Wedding photos out later in life and re-live that enchanting day down to the very last detail may mean everything to her someday! In all honesty, no Woman wants to look back on her Wedding photos and regret that she had more than the standard one chin, and batwings (the oh so charming jiggly bit of flesh under one's arms). Oh, the horror! Hair and makeup can be blamed on the era, but one's weight and physique, unfortunately, cannot.

A solution to quelling and curbing those pre Wedding jiggles and jitters is to make changes now, so that you're at your best for the big day. To start, modifying one's diet to include healthy portions of proteins, complex carbohydrates, and vegetables is paramount. The more colorful your plate is - with natural, not artificial colors! - is a good way to keep track of the nutrients that you're consuming. Vegetables should be in ½ to 1 cup servings, three times a day. At least half of your grains should be unprocessed and whole. Servings of lean meat should be around 2 oz, which is about the size of a deck of cards. Certainly a big change from that Big Mac, huh?! Unless you're currently on a 100% fast food diet, it's generally recommended to make these Wedding Diet changes gradually (modifying portions, introducing new foods - sometimes entire new food groups!), to avoid stomach upsets. Generally speaking, a good guideline to follow would be to fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables, 1/4 of your plate whole grains and the remaining 1/4 lean protein.

In combination with modifying your Diet (and the one that will produce the most results in conjunction with eating healthily), is to begin a regular exercise program. Finding a personal trainer is a great way to do this - not only do you have the extra accountability of having the trainer there to coach you, but it's a great way to know that the exercises you're doing are correct and more of a benefit for your body!

Zach Hunt is a Spokane's preparing for your wedding day expert, personal trainer and owner of Physzique, a fitness coaching service in Spokane, WA. Go here: Personal Trainer Spokane for more fitness tips.