Silk Hydrangeas for Wedding Bouquets and Arrangements

It is summer wedding season. Brides all over the world have been planning their weddings. Choosing your color pallet and flowers for your arrangements and bouquets is one of the top tasks on your list of things to do.

The use of silk and artificial flowers is a growing trend. The use of silk and artificial flowers is an eco friendly and economical choice. Today, I would like to focus on the use of silk hydrangeas in wedding bouquets and arrangements.

Silk hydrangeas come in every color of the rainbow. There are several types of silk hydrangea flowers. Because there is such a variety, you can choose the type of flowers suited to your style and choice of other mixed silk flowers. These silk hydrangeas will last for years to come and can be saved as the original bouquet or flower arrangement or they can be reused in a new design.

There versatile silk mop head hydrangeas have beautiful round symmetrical blossoms. They can be used in the bridal and brides maid bouquets or in the flower arrangements used in the ceremony and reception areas. By using the silk hydrangeas, you never have worry about whether or not your chosen colors will be available during the time of your wedding. You will know exactly how many you have to design with and the blossoms will remain beautiful no matter what the weather .The mop head silk hydrangeas come in various sizes. You can use a variety of sizes in the same color or vary the size and color. These silk hydrangeas can be mixed or stand alone for a stunning look.

Another creative use for silk hydrangeas is to incorporate them into the wedding cake design. It adds color, continues your floral scheme and will not be toxic to those consuming your delicious wedding cake.

For truly elegant bouquets, you can use a mix of lace cap silk hydrangea with some silk or artificial real touch roses. The lace cap silk hydrangea adds a delicate touch to you bouquet. You can even mix the lace cap and mop head silk hydrangeas to add texture to your silk bridal bouquets.

There are a couple of other hydrangeas to consider for your floral arrangements and bouquets. The Panicle or cone shape silk hydrangea stand tall and really can fill out a floral arrangement. They can also be added to a bouquet mixed with other traditional tall stem silk flowers.

To add to greenery interest in the bouquets and wedding arrangements, it is really nice to use the Oak Leaf silk hydrangea. The silk oak shape leaves will add beauty and help fill up your floral designs. The Oak Leaf silk hydrangeas tend to have smaller cone shape flowers and really stand out with their dark green silk oak shape leaves.

Silk hydrangeas are also great for use in wedding or home garlands. By mixing these silk flowers with silk ivy and other silk greenery selections, you can create a beautiful realistic garland that can be reused or given as gifts to your friends.

I could go on and on about the use of these beautiful silk hydrangeas, but I will save my thoughts for another time. I’ll be sharing more thoughts on the use of silk and artificial uses soon.

Gail designs floral arrangements and is interested in developing interest in the use of silk and artificial flowers for home and special event use.