5 Fall Suggestions for Tea Wedding Favors

5 Fall Suggestions for Tea Wedding Favors

Author: Aaron Hu

This fall as the weather grows cooler many people will start getting into the habit drinking warmer beverages in the morning or afternoon. A bride getting married this fall can use this to her advantage and set her wedding apart from the others, with a tea related favors. They are simple, affordable , and will mesh perfectly with a fall theme. Here are delicious options for tea favors that can be given out at your wedding reception

Of course you need to start with the tea itself as wedding favors. Tea comes in a wide variety of favors from black cut and orange pekoe to earl grey and oolong. A great option is to have varied mixtures of the different types to suit most of your guest’s different tastes. You can also get the teabags specially customized if you order them from a specialty shop. Try to look for teabags that will have fall themed decoration on them to match your seasonal motif. If you aren’t sure which type of tea your guest will like, you can have a tea favor bar where guests can put together the varieties that they prefer.

You also don’t have to stop with tea itself. You can also give your guest other favors that are tea accessories. Tea cups are a great example you can give cups with fall motifs or designs painted on them. They can also be part of a tea favor gift bag. If you want to add an exotic flair you can use Japanese tea cups for touch of Asian tea tradition. For guest who are on the go you can also make use of customized coffee cups.

You can also make use of tea themed accessories. A great choice is tea shaped or tea scented candles. These candles can be given by themselves and also further customized to match the fall theme. For full votive candles you personalize them with pictures of you and the groom and then you can also decorate them with fall designs and motifs. you can add another dimension by combining the tea scented candle ideas with customized autumn designs. These will be sure to be great souvenirs of your wedding add a pleasant fragrance and beauty to your guests’ homes

Another thing you can do is include edible tea favors. These are items such as cookies and other traditional tea time snacks that can be paired with the tea for later enjoyment. Use your imagination try different items from tea biscuits to tea sandwich kits. They will not only give your guest an opportunity to enjoy a personal tea meal, but do it with tastes of the fall. For cookies you choose autumn flavors like pumpkin or cinnamon

You can also get unique teabags such as diffusers. These use fabric to allow for water to flow through the tea leaves more easily. Try to look for diffusers in unique fall colors. Also once again if just the diffuser doesn’t seem substantial enough for a gift you can pair it with other fall themed gifts in a gift bag. Take advantage of unique tea utensils like the diffuser to expose your guests to new types of tea or making tea that they may not ordinarily see. It will help add a dose of originality and novelty to your ceremony and reception.

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