Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dress Guide

Before you start looking for your cheap plus size wedding dress there is an important factor to know, the sizing on wedding dresses is normally smaller than your usual dress size, so instead of relying on the sizes you need to rely on your measurements instead.

The next strange but true factor when wedding dress shopping is that most bridal stores will not hold a great deal of plus size stock, some will not hold any. Instead they will show you the styles that you could have and pin a size 10 wedding dress on to you! This must be the maddest thing ever, you do not buy an important dress without trying it on first, you need to know if it looks good on you and if you feel fantastic wearing it.

Every bride wants to feel like a princess on their wedding day and there are some amazing plus size wedding dresses available in very good wedding stores and online, here is how to find them.

First you will need accurate measurements and with that information call your local bridal stores to see if they have your size in stock. You want to be able to try on the dresses not guess whether they are the dress for you.

Second, try on lots of dresses to find the dress of your dreams, but do not buy it the first time you see the dress, walk away from the shop with the details of the dress with you. Make sure you know if the dress has been altered.

Third, use the internet to find the exact same dress but at a cheaper price. Either buy it online or use this price to negotiate a better price at your local bridal store.

Fourth, realize that you will probably have to spend money on having your dress altered, most people do. If you choose a corset style wedding dress these are more forgiving as you can tie them tighter or looser if needed. Find a local seamstress that will be able to make any alterations you need and compare these prices to those that the shop are offering, use the best and cheapest! If the shop messes up they will have to replace the dress, make sure the seamstress is insured as well.

Fifth, your wedding dress should make you feel amazing, beautiful and confident, anything less and it is not the dress for you. Look to show off your assets and do not feel you need to go with a boring dress that covers everything up. Keep looking until you find the one.

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