Print Your Own Wedding Favors

Every bride wants her wedding favors to be unique and extra special, however the only real way to achieve this is to make them yourself. Homemade wedding favors have an extra special touch to them and guests are more inclined to keep them as mementos of your wedding day because you have taken some much time to make them.

There are many different homemade favors you could choose from, but if you have a computer and printer at home and are good at desk top publishing then creating printed favors is an easy way to make beautiful, personal and unique favors for your wedding. Here are a few ideas for printed wedding favors:

Notecards - you can purchase blank cards from most stationers and craft stores and with a little adjustment to your printer you can print them with designs you have created. Put together small sets of five cards and envelopes and wrap them with a paper 'belt' to hold them secure.

Fridge Magnets - these are a popular choice for wedding favors and you can purchase magnet kits from craft stores so you can put them together at home. If you are not confident about doing them or need so many that buying the kits is too expensive look for online printers who will do them for you and offers a custom upload of your design.

Recipe cards - another popular wedding favor and it can be nice to coordinate the recipe to the time of year of your wedding. For instance home made lemonade for a summer wedding, or pumpkin pie for a fall wedding. Keep the recipes short and simple and after printing have them laminated so they can be wiped clean. It is also nice to have the cards shaped and to add them to a kitchen utensil which can be used in the making of the recipe, for instance a glass pitcher for lemonade or cookie cutters, whisks or wooden spoons!

Poems - feeling lyrical? Create your own poem which thanks your guests for joining you on your wedding day. Make sure you add in your names and wedding date too. A poem written by yourselves is a very special kind of wedding favor and one which your guests will treasure more than anything else!

Try to coordinate your printed wedding favors with your other printed wedding media such as your programs or invitations. If you have graphics on your invitations try to use the same ones on your favors or similar if you are unable to obtain the same designs. The internet is a fantastic resource for graphics covering many different styles, patterns and subjects. For a small fee you can obtain pictures and graphics which are free to use in any way you want. You may need a good editing software such as Photoshop to be able to use them effectively and to be able to change colors etc, but you the end result will be favors which wow!

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