What to Wear for a Beach Wedding?

Your good friend is getting married and has invited you to attend her wedding ceremony. She has chosen the trendy beach wedding held at one of the most pristine beaches in the country. Scouting through your wardrobe, you realize that you have no idea on what to wear for the event.

For a summer beach wedding, the wedding theme itself entails a casual feel. You want to look casual and smart, yet not too causal that you feel that you are not respecting the bride and groom. Thus if you are thinking to go in a jacket suit, it is a no no.

So what is the appropriate attire for the event? You want to look chic and good. If it is a day event, one good choice is to have a summer dress that flatters the body shape. You could add on accessories such as a hat and a clutch purse or bag. The color of the hat should match the palest color of your dress and not the darkest. You could also wear simple accessories such as a bangle or a necklace.

If you intend to be trendy, you could try to mix pieces of similar colors and patterns. Your hat then could be a fun loving piece but not too over bearing. Wear sexy shoes like silhouettes but make sure that they are comfortable and don’t sink easily in the sand. Try not to wear any piece that is made of the denim material or anything that will crease badly during the ceremony such as linen. Denim sort of symbolizes the lack of respect for the event. If you don’t wish to portray that message, do drop these off the list.

If the beach wedding is an evening affair, choose a dress that is sexy yet appropriate for the event. Try not to come in a tweed jacket or anything that is too formal. Wear something which you feel comfortable and you are able to hit the dance floor after the event to join in the fun! Try to coordinate the colors so that it is soothing and not loud. Brown shades are great for the event. Don’t come in an evening gown as you might look weird. Try a knee length or a three quarters skirt. Style your hair and wear matching accessories.

If you take note of the above, you should be well prepared to have fun in that beach wedding!

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